The 1 Year Bucket List

The 1 Year Bucket List

A whole year, 365 days, 8760 hours until I turn 30.

Shit how the hell has that happened? I still feel like 18 year old me and I can’t believe over 10 years has passed.

I think it is fair to say this last 6 months has been a whirlwind for me and I’ve done things that weren’t even on my radar a year ago. However as I embark on my last year in my 20’s I want to make sure it’s a memorable one and I tick some things off the list before I hit the big 3-0 (GAG).

Hopefully when we check in next year, I’ll have ticked off most or all of my exciting challenges, even if I am weeping into my birthday cake about the 3 at the start of my age:

Do something that scares me – maybe a sky dive (sorry mum) 

I’ve always said I’d never do a skydive, because I don’t want to die, fair point I’d say. However, when I was in Melbourne I was watching people skydive onto the beach and I kept getting an overwhelming urge to march over a demand they take my money and throw me out of a plane. The idea still makes me feel physically sick, but we will see.

Visit and travel Asia and get all boujee in Bali 

Asia has always been on my travelling hit list and what better to go explore than after my first year visa expires in March. Let’s just pray I can save some money, because we all know that’s not my forte.

Bali will be getting ticked off even sooner when we head for a lil visit to celebrate the end of farmlife and to mark the end of an era before we settle down into life in Melbourne.

Spend Christmas and new year in a foreign country

Let’s be real, it’ll probably be Australia, but who knows it could be Slovenia.

Land an exciting blog collaboration, sponsored post or press trip 

Being in Australia has been a bit of a stumbling block whilst trying to build my blog, because all the contacts and exciting opportunities I was starting to receive are in the UK, plus the fact I have so little time to blog. When I get settled in Melbourne I’m going to challenge myself to pitch and really get stuck into blogging again.

Challenge myself to go on a date with a stranger or go to a dating event.

Even typing this sends a wave of fear and anxiety through my whole body. Although its safety in numbers and I’ve already lured my babe Ella in, with the promise not will be funny and an experience if nothing else, so now I’ve just got to persuade Rhi Rhi.

Read an English Literature Classic

I’m not really surely what, pride and prejudice or Wuthering heights, any suggestions welcome, but I want it to be enriching and be a little bit life changing…. am I expecting too much?

Enter and run another 10k race 

Was the last one hell? Yes. Did the pride outweigh the hell once I run over that finish line? Also yes.

Have the confidence to sing with a live band

Anyone who knows me, knows I adore to sing. They also know my crippling nerves have always stopped me from really trying to pursue that dream. I’d love to get up and sing with a live band or even just a bloody guitarist…… 7 G&T’s may also be necessary.

Get a tattoo to mark my time in Australia (sorry mum, again) 

I decided on this before I’d even left for Australia. I just feel for such a life changing experience, I need and want to get a lil something, something to cherish forever.

Take skiing or snowboarding lessons 

Let’s be realistic, I may have to get myself to a dry ski slope, but you never know. You may see me doing my best Bridget Jones impression on a ski slope near you soon.

Learn basic Spanish 

As if I haven’t set myself enough tasks and challenges, I’ll just pop in another. I’d love to learn a language and always put it off, but why am I putting off something I’d love to do?

Dance and party until the sun comes up 

This of course isn’t a challenge as such as its one of my favourite past time, but I just need to make sure I keep doing it as it hit the last year of my 20’s.

Practice gratitude every day and enjoy the small victories 

I was having a real shitty time last year, really shitty. Then I started writing down things I was grateful for each day (as well as other things) and it really worked. To be able to find the joy in every day normality really helped me lift my spirits and I’ve continued to do this every day since being in oz. Of course the first 10 weeks was amazing and the whole bloody day was a victory, but since farm life, this has been so important to help me through those god awful days….. of which there are many.

Go wine tasting 

This is already on our Melbourne hit list, so watch this space.

Throw a party 

Cliche? maybe.

Give back to the community/charities as much as possible and pay good karma forward 

I miss my job…. there I said it. I miss the people, well most of them. Most of all I miss giving something back to the community, I miss helping people and making a difference. You don’t really get much of a warm fuzzy feeling when you’re snipping shitty trees or checking labels on wine bottles. So if I’m not working in a community based job I want to make sure I’m either getting involved with a charity or paying good karma forward, by helping others.

Feel Comfortable in My Own Skin

Woah this is a biggie isn’t it? I’ve already come a long way with this and feel since being in Oz I feel more comfortable than ever before. I still have awful off days and weeks, but not anything like before and that feels so freeing and I look forward to building on that as the months go on.

Be happy

Let’s be honest, Oz has made me pretty darn happy. I’m happy that I’m in control of my life and my decisions. I’m happy that I’ve made myself proud by doing something really scary. I’m happy that the sun shines and I’ve met wonderful people.

So if the year passes and the only thing I’ve achieved is to be happy, I’d say I’m pretty okay with that.


  1. Maddy
    August 29, 2019 / 11:27 pm

    We all miss you at work but know you are having life changing adventures.. and we will def see you soon xx (ish)

  2. 63ian
    August 30, 2019 / 2:37 pm

    2020 is a leap year Ashleigh so it was 366 days or 8,784 hours in which to do your bucket list 🙂

    Find a bar that has a jam night, down those G&Ts and then just get up and do your stuff, but remember to get someone to video it as without proof, it just didn’t happen…..

    Way better than throwing yourself out of a perfectly good aeroplane 😉

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