My Australian Visa Experience – Because I Can’t Ever Do Anything Right

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Okay that’s a bit of a wordy title, but this post says exactly what it does on the tin. My visa experience was straight forward in principle but a few things made it seem more tricky, so I thought I would break it down for people as basic as me and also offer a bit of reassurance it is as easy as it seems.

What You Need

Things you must have before you even contemplate getting a 18-30 working holiday visa:

  • $450 Dingo Dollars, when I applied the exchange rate was good and worked out at £256.52
  • A passport – that’s in date
  • Be between 18 & 30
  • Be applying from outside of Oz
  • Not have any little darlings
  • Not already travelled to oz on this visa or the 2nd year visa you can apply for
  • Be able to support yourself – $5,000AUD is the recommended amount

Take yourself to the Australian government website and set yourself up on their online system.

They offer a quiz where you answer some questions and it tells you what visa to apply for, however either I was being twat or they were being twats because it took me to the wrong page and I kept applying for a different visa and it kept saying I wasn’t eligible, so I of course kept losing my shit.

Once I was on the correct page the application was simple, the only thing that floor me was the phrase “de facto” it means partner apparently, not that I need to know that *eye roll*.

Declare Your Convictions

You have to declare any convictions and I kept uhmmming and ahhhing over whether to declare my driving conviction from 2010, because I was young and stupid and it’s not like I murdered someone whilst in the middle of an armed robbery. I was scared it would hinder my application, but the application also stated if you don’t declare convictions they will refuse you entry and/or throw you out at a later date, so I thought it would be best to just tell the truth.

The Wait

Sounds pretty simple huh? Well it is, but this is where it confused me a bit, the online system tells you that you have outstanding documents to upload, but when I clicked onto the link on what docs to upload it kept taking me round in a weird Australian government clicking cycle and I got nowhere. I lost my shit many a time and in the end decided not to upload anything.

I clicked online every day and it really didn’t help my friend’s came back about 4 days later and mine didn’t. I decided if after 4 weeks I hadn’t heard anything to get in touch. I’d already sent them an email about the wrong visa thing so was worried they might refuse entry for my pure stupidity.

Then on Jan 15th I got an email with my visa attached. I didn’t have to upload any documents to prove I had money in the bank or any proof of my ID or my convictions, so not really sure what they managed to access to find that all out, but I’m not complaining to be honest.

Have I missed anything? Come and chat on socials if you’re planning a big trip because I’m desperate to hear about it.


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