How to Make your Wrapping Snazzy

How to Make your Wrapping Snazzy

With a week to go….. you’ve probably all started/finished your wrapping, but I’m stressed and rushing about and late as usual. If you’re in my late Louise boat, then here’s my tips to give your presents an extra bit of SASS

Pick a Theme….

…and stick to it. This year after lots of toil and trouble I finally settled on a theme of Green and Gold (and also navy, but my ribbon didn’t arrive, eye roll). General favourites of mine in the past have been brown paper and white lace, Red and white.

Pick an Expensive Paper….

….and buy 1-2 rolls of it. Bulk the rest out with a reasonably priced plain brown paper, or a plain paper. If you’ve got a sexy little bit of paper showing, people will be drawn to it and as long as you make the plain paper look snazzy with posh ribbon and some little embellishments, you are good to go.


…..will make all of your wrapping dreams come true. Now, this is where you can really get creative, oh the options are endless, here’s some of my faves: Holly Springs, Candy Canes, Snowflakes, Robins, baubles, pegs, jingle bells, glitter letters, photographs, candy canes and of course sparkle, sparkle makes dreams come true.


….takes a present from “nice” to “uhuhuh come to momma” – get your grubby hands on lace, string, velvet, patterned, tinsel, tartan, sparkly or just good old curling ribbon. You can also get creative with how you tie your ribbon, diagonal, double strand, 2 different types layered. The thought of it is making me salivate.

Parcel Up….

….there’s nothing better than taking 3 presents, sticking them all together and tying them up like a little package. Put your posh paper on top and alternate with your basic bitch paper and voila, Christmas all wrapped up….. it also means you only have to use 1 tag and 1 lot of sass.

Now fly my pretties and make your parcels just as pretty.



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