Mental Health Awareness Week: Pull A Pig

Mental Health Awareness Week: Pull A Pig

I really wanted to write some hard hitting mental health awareness blogs this week, with amazing, uplifting quotes, positive vibes and ways to pull yourself out of that deep dark hole of shit…. but instead something kept playing on my mind, going round and round and I thought that maybe that was what I needed to write about.

Last year when I was working from home, living the life and watching This Morning, an article came on called “pull a pig” (even writing this sentence makes me feel physically sick) and I instantly had to stop what I was doing and find out what the frigg was going on. I obviously had no idea what this was and when they explained I was fucking mortified. As listed on the oh so lol Urban Dictionary the definition of Pull a Pig “is a game where a group of guys go out and they win the game by pulling the ugliest looking woman.” Sorry but what?!!?!! Let me start by saying, this is the lowest of the low and I am disgusted this is even a thing. I was even told that there is a musical based on that premise, which I will obviously never be watching.

The girl was humiliated to the highest degree and I can not even begin to imagine what effect that had on her as a person, but bloody hell how brave to decide to share her story and hopefully make those little boys (because that is what they are) realise what awful specimens they are and hopefully it’s taught a lesson to others too, because in cases like this education is key…. I’m aware how teachery that sentence sounded.

I’ve always felt different, I’ve always been that chubby girl who was a given the friend card, who made people laugh rather than made people wanna rip my clothes off (LOL), who got taken advantage of and who just wanted someone to show her attention at the bar. Being curvy and always listening to those comments “but you still look lovely in the clothes you wear” to “you actually look alright in a bikini” sometimes I felt like I closed in on myself more and more. I would never expect anyone to approach me and chat me up, because ermmm look at my hot as hell friends, go hit them up!

It just shows that the people these “pranks” are being played are are already the vulnerable, the anxious, the ones with low self-esteem, self worth and confidence so low that you could never do the limbo under it. The thought of being in a bar a falling prey to this act just makes me feel all the more vulnerable. Of course I am assuming that people classed by a group of lads as “ugly”  have these demons circling in their headspace, but maybe they are far better, feel assured of themselves and would not let something like this affect them, because they are bossing and by George GOOD ON THEM, because you got to remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In summary, mental health takes all different guises. You never know what battle someone is facing behind that pretty little smile and laugh that doesn’t quite meet their eyes. So don’t be a prick, be kind and if I ever see anyone being party to this awfulness I will flick you in the eyeballs.

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