24 Hours in London (on a Budget)

24 Hours in London (on a Budget)

London, London we all love London, well my dad doesn’t really, but he’s all old and moody. The hustle and bustle, the fashion, the quirky places you stumble upon and my oh my the shopping. There isn’t anything much better than a day out in London because you sure as hell will able to find something to do.

When wanting to spend a budget day out in London I got thinking of all the wonderful things we could do to for free… or cheap as chips and realised it is oh so doable when being a bit mindful of the pennies.

We live oh so far east (most easterly point in the UK to be precise) sassy girl hand, so getting to anywhere is a joke, however to you can drive to east London in about 2 – 2.5 hours, so I decided to drive to Stratford and park there for the day – parking is only £6.50 on weekdays and £9.50 on weekends for the whole day. If you want to park somewhere even cheaper park your love wagon in Newbury Park which is £5.70 for weekdays, £2.60 for Saturdays and a jaw dropping £1.70 for Sundays…. I know right.

We arrived at Stratford around 10am and took a tube straight to St Paul’s and then after working our way through the bridge closures made it onto the river bank – we strolled across both sides taking in the sights, taking pictures along the way and stopping for a coffee. I’d highly recommend this as you see so much more on foot than getting the ole tube.

The next excitement was some super cheap tickets for Dreamgirls – I’d be checking all week (month) for cheap matinee tickets and on the Wednesday before I managed to bag some Row C tickets for £20 each! They said they were restricted view but that was so untrue I could jump for joy. We saw everything and my god it was worth scouring the internet for hours.

By the time we came out of the amazing show I could eat a show pony and we wandered to Franco Manca….. one of the best pizza joints in London, are they are all over the bloody place. We shared some baked mozzarella starter **drool** and then dived face first into pizza (obvs) and with drinks it was under £30 and I ain’t the sorta gal who’s gonna be complaining about those sorts of prices for those sorts of wonderful pizzas.

I have to admit although the amount of food I’d usually consume was lacking I still felt pretty full, however I felt it my duty to take a trip to Milk Train just around the corner for an amazing cliche candy floss ice-cream dream. Yes, I felt sick, yes, I couldn’t eat it all and yes I was jealous of the 3 girls who got the table by the pink wall and probably got the most instagrammable photos, but hey, what ya gonna do.

We make it back to stratford before 8, so got home by 10, so yeh that was a dream because I’m basically nearly 30 now, so the idea of being in bed before 11 fills me with the same excitement of actually spending the day in London. Ps how many numbers did I put in that sentence?

Other free places you could enjoy whilst on a budget in London include the Sky Garden, the museums and just getting your tourist on and visiting all the attractions (although big ben is looking a bit poorly ATM, so probably wouldn’t recommend taking a trip there)

So yeh, London, I love you and I could easily live in you…. see you again soon.


  1. January 31, 2018 / 1:08 am

    I’m going to London in May so this was a super fun post to read. I am so, so glad that you put this post up. Definitely bookmarking for when I make my itinerary.

    Great post! x


    • Ashleigh
      January 31, 2018 / 7:19 am

      Thanks Michelle,

      I hope you enjoy your trip to London, planning is definitely the way forward when visiting xx

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