Well hello honey boo boo’s, thanks so much for having a browse on my little old blog. 

So yeh, that’s me (above, obvs) a 20 something with a love of gin, cheese and all things fashion and vintage. I’m also obsessed with travel and it’s the only reason I work my arse off in my day job.

I started my blog in July 2016 as I had all these words buzzing around my head and I wanted to put them into to something that hopefully people would read and you lovely lot have. Since then I’ve divulged some of my deeper secrets and also talk about the more lighthearted stuff (ASOS and hangovers of course).

By creating this blog I’m hoping that I may be able to inspire or even just entertain others or maybe, just maybe make people realise they aren’t alone and most gals go through the same shit and sometimes it’s nice to have a chat about it.

Enjoy sweet cherubs!

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