Adele, London and All Things Lovely

Adele, London and All Things Lovely

Right let’s start by taking this back about 6 months. It’s a cold, miserable December morning and I’m casually sitting at work when at about 11:30am I suddenly think “shitty fuck fuck Adele tickets have gone on sale and I have completely forgotten all about them…. idiot” I quickly scramble for my phone and although I know they’ll already be sold out I go on the website anyway just to make myself feel a little worse about it all. What happened next was truly miraculous, after a while of the wheel of doom turning it pops up that I’ve got tickets, scuzzzzzy what the bloody hell is going on here. Of course I go into blind panic and take my card with shaking hands and try and punch in the details to my stupidly small phone keyboard, but somehow I manage to do it and then that’s it, I’ve got tickets to Adele at Wembley Stadium, but oh bollocks, in the panic I only ordered 2 tickets, great, well isn’t that just ideal…… not.

I decided to take one of my gals pals Jose as she was my soul sista when we tried to first time to get tickets and when I say try, I mean, we tried to get tickets in every single European country….. and failed.

Adele was incredible and amazing and magnificent and funny and incredible and amazing and magnificent and funny and any other superlative you can think of and it will most certainly be one of the best moments of my life, but I’m not going to lie, I’m here to talk about the food. We’d decided that other than Adele the trip needed to focus on food and gin (of course) so here’s a run down of where we ate, how good it was and why you have to go.


Oh my dog – nestled on the river right near the Southbank Centre (Nearest tubes Waterloo and Embankment) Oh My Dog is Oh My Amazing, basically pimped up hotdogs at street food prices. I settled for a Deputy dog…. think pulled pork, cheese and BBQ sauce and Jose went for the Yum Dog…. crispy onions, cheese, pickles and mustard and to top it off we obviously had to share some Yum fries and the name didn’t disappoint we a secret recipe sweet, tangy, creamy sauce they hit the (I’ve already had 3 ciders and I’m pissed) spot. Dogs ranged from £7-11 and fries £4, a bag for London town. I’m not going to lie, there was a downside, they were extremely difficult to eat, but who cares when you’re chomping down on that bit of delightfulness.


Franco Manca – These are all over the place, the one we frequented was in Covent Garden – other locations include Brixton, Stratford, Guildford, Reading and Brighton. Franco Manca specialise in Sourdough pizzas and to be honest I’ve never tasted anything like it, it was thin, but floppy and the crust was doughy and delectable and I’m really upset that I was too full to eat it all. They have 6 pizzas on the menu and then a gigantic specials boards with a few speciality pizzas, starters and extras. We went all out (obvs) and ordered Burrata to share for a starter… I’m talking mozzarella on the outside then you break inside and its basically cream, no lie, I’m actually salivating writing this. I’m going to put it out there, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten!


The cheese bar  – We’ve been drooling all over this place since their video went viral on Facebook (and I got tagged in it 784 times) and we knew it was a must visit destination for our London trip. Based in the heart of Camden market its basically a restaurant that only sells cheesy goodness. From a delectable range of grilled cheese sandwiches to blue cheese raclettes, burrata and cheese fondues… DROOOOOOL. I could have happily sat here all night and ate my way through the menu, however alas Adele was calling. Once again all dishes were cheap as cheese….. see what I did there.

Street food at Lambeth North, Lower Marsh – We kind of stumbled across this place, well we didn’t really but I can’t be bothered to tell the long winded boring story. Imagine a whole street lined with street food, benches and just good vibes, all in celebration for London food month. Stalls ranged from soul food rice bowls, to japanese, Jamaican and Thai and it was just bloody paradise. We’d only eaten a few hours earlier, but managed to find a little hole the perfect fit for some plantain and katsu chicken bites with teriyaki sauce, dreamy. I could have stayed there all day and nibbled, but these gals had places to explore and pictures to take.  Once again cheap, cheap, cheap… winning!

I had a wonderful couple of days and as well as everything listed about we also managed to enjoy some crepes, eggs benedict and a cheeky sausage roll.  To sum up, we ate like kings and I feel bleughhhh today because I’m 90% carbs, cheese, gin and cider.


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