What Happened When I Gave Up Drinking For a Month

What Happened When I Gave Up Drinking For a Month

I’m not sure if you know, but me and gin have got a bit of a thing going on, actually so have me and prosecco and come to think of it, me and cocktails and wine and cider. I just love a little social drink (or going out and getting absolutely ratted ?). So I decided enough was enough and that I would challenge myself to stoptober and actually not drink for a month, yes that’s 31 days, 744 hours to be precise…… easy….. so not easy, I’m getting the sweats thinking about it!

I wanted to challenge myself to something because I’m a gal with very poor willpower and you never know I may get to November and realise I don’t need that sweet, sweet taste of alcohol on my lips to have a good time and become tee-total, hahhaaa, yeh right.

I’m actually really worried that I will fail and then I get really worried that I’m worried I will fail because it’s only alcohol and it’s only a month and I don’t like alcohol that much, do I?!

I thought if I wrote a blog about it, I would just have to stick to it because I’d told everyone I was doing it and it wouldn’t only be personal failure but a public one too if I caved. So I am waking up this morning ready to embark on my alocohol free month (I’ve already checked and Sainsbury’s sell alcohol free wine, so tonight’s sorted) and obviously I drunk a bottle of prosecco, some wine and 2 gin and tonics last night to get it out of my system…. and I had to rid the flat of alcohol too, obvs.

Wish me luck sistas….. I think I’m going to need it


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