All About the Love

All About the Love

Now this is not one of those awful Valentine’s gift guides, I promise you, because some of you may remember my feelings about the big V day. If you missed my post on it last year, you can catch up on it here. This is merely a post to give you some ideas of how to show someone you love them, without taking them up the shard (wheyyy as my 12 year old self would say) buying them a 12 carat diamond ring and going out for an overpriced set meal, when you’d pay half the price the day before……

I’m addicted to Pinterest and love to get my creative juices flowing, scrap books are up there with some of my favourite things to do, although I have to admit that the America/Mexico scrapbook from 2016 is still a work in progress. So here’s a few ideas of how to get crafty and give that lover of your life something pretty special that you’ve made with your own fair hands.

Love Notes:

Get yourself a Kilner jar, some pretty coloured paper and a snazzy gold pen and then get thinking. Write down every reason you love that person, think of all the silly things, the funny things and just the god damn cute. You can write them down one by one as you think of them or just list them on your phone and then have a good old binge craft session. Finish the jar off with some ribbon and a cute brown tag and label it “all the reasons I love you” or something soppy like that.

Scrap Book:

As aforementioned I LOVE A SCRAPBOOK and they love me. If you want to do this, you need to go to Hobbycraft right now and buy supplies… why are you still reading this? Go, Go, Go. The ultimate way to show someone you love them, but I will warn you they take forever, you will get a bad back, everything stuck to you and you will never have enough supplies **cue another trip back to Hobbycraft**. Essentials are photos, any memorabilia (receipts, cinema tickets, luggage labels) scrapbook (Hobbycraft do a bloody lovely range of small ones for £3, lol how many times can I say that word) decorative paper, sticky letters and numbers, a glue roller tape and sexy little embellishments and tapes. I’m a bit of a perfectionist… ok a lot of a perfectionist, but you need to be organised when doing a scrapbook. Set your pictures and memorabilia into themes or arrange in date order and then get going.


Prints are the most wonderful thing and can be a thoughtful way to show someone you love them and they can be pretty cheap too. Favourites of mine include a print of a place you’ve been to together and loved, a quirky little picture that means something to the both of you, something personalised or just a standard “I love you forever because you’re the tits” stick it in a cheap frame and everyone’s a winner baby.

Jar of Sweets:

Fill your jar with love themed sweets or probably preferably for your other half their favourite sweets. If you want to win extra love points do a certain amount –  e.g. 365 sweets for how many days I’ve loved you. Yes will have to count the sweets, but it’s pretty thoughtful huh?


DIY Frame

Now this is a super cute one and deserves credit. Decide on 3 locations and then order maps on Amazon, Ebay or somewhere similar. If your a tech whizz, you can always print off your own map. You could use where you first met, where you fell in love and where you got married for example. Or places you’ve been on holiday together, the world is literally your oyster. Next job is to either use a template and cut the maps into hearts (making sure you include the area you want) or use a heart surround which goes into your frame. Add some wording if you’re not shit at calligraphy and are 85% sure it won’t look shit and voila the cutest little gift you ever did see.

Photo Credit – Not on the High Street (via Pinterest)


Strip it back and keep it simple – print some photos, put them in a frame, make them into a collage or canvas or to be cuter than cute print off your photos polaroid style, grab yourself a sharpie and then write the date and time of the moment on them. Buy a string of pegs and clip them on so they can be hung around the house.

If you aren’t the fancy crafting type, then get yourself on Easy, they have some glorious lovey dove gifts that will wow your love.

Now not to be overgagworthy lovey dovey, but if you really love someone and they mean world to you, show them, rather than buy them gifts (although gifts are nice). Be kind, tell them you love them everyday, cherish every moment, don’t take things for granted and never go to sleep on an argument.




  1. January 29, 2018 / 2:02 am

    I really like these ideas. Especially the little love notes jar and the sweets jar! Such great things to do.

    • Ashleigh
      January 29, 2018 / 7:53 am

      That katey,

      I love that they are all quite cheap to do too, they take time and love rather than money xx

    • Ashleigh
      January 29, 2018 / 7:51 am

      Thanks Rebecca, That’s one of my favourites too xx

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