An ode to my mother

An ode to my mother

I don’t do Mother’s Day, very much like I don’t do Valentine’s Day. I believe you should show appreciation to your mother 365 days a year and try and show gratitude by treating them whenever you can.

As you know (because I haven’t stopped banging on about it) I’m in Thailand, so I can’t even see my mummy today, which does pull at my heartstrings! So Whilst my jetlagged arse lays in bed I though what better way to thank my mum than to post a blog for the whole world to see all dedicated to her beautiful face.

There’s not really a better way to sum things up than to list a few things that I love about my mummy:

The fact you still wash my bedsheets (yes I am still 26 and live alone) – thanks mummy 

You can always tell when someone is coming round their house as you can’t find anything, Hun where have you put the TV?

The fact you won’t ever let me pay for lunch, even when I’m meant to be treating you!

Your incredible dessert making abilities, raspberry cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding, need I say any more? – just don’t make me a syllabub again, because that’s just not a dessert is it now?

Your kindness – countless care parcels, bottles of gin (don’t tell dad) pairs of shoes and other delightful treats.

You are so incredibly supportive. I wouldn’t say I’ve been reckless in my life, but I have taken some pretty big risks and you’ve supported each of my decisions every step of the way. 

The amount of love you have shown me throughout my life is overwhelming.

And finally for being you, because that’s the most special thing about you. 

I would be here all day if I wrote everything down, but thanks mum, thanks for everything. I love you unconditionally.

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