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Murdered by Mental Health

“1 in 5 people have dandruff. 1 in 4 people have a mental health problem. I’ve had both.” Ruby Wax Oh wow she’s got it all…. the perfect boyfriend, 2 cute dogs a house that…

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The Benefits of a Weekend Getaway

3:28pm on a Friday. The sun was shining, the roof was down, the music was onnnn and I may or may not have already had a few ciders, we were en-route for a weekend away from…

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A week of Wonderment: Week 1

drum roll please…. welcome to my week of wonderment a new little series where I take the time each week (maybe fortnightly depends on how lazy I’m feeling) to get excited about the little things…

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The Royal Wedding – The Outfits, The Highlights and the Tear Jerkers

I was pretty excited about the royal wedding in the build up, but suddenly woke up Saturday all in a tizzy fizz of excitement. I put both legs in one leg hole of my knickers…

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Pull A Pig

I really wanted to write some hard hitting mental health awareness blogs this week, with amazing, uplifting quotes, positive vibes and ways to pull yourself out of that deep dark hole of shit…. but instead…

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