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Monday Motivation

I have decided (on a whim obvs) that I am going to find something spectacularly special every week and label it a must buy for the week. I of course do not need any encouragement to…

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My new love, Embroidery

So, I know we all love summer (YAY!) but the thought of being able to get all cosy for winter just makes me so excited. I’m talking fur, I’m talking bobble hats, I’m talking scarves…

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My 5 (8) Summer MUST Haves

This is merely a wish list (sigh) because I’m poor and can’t afford to buy anything delicious right now that isn’t electric, gas or council tax. FYI this started as 5 items and somehow escalated to…

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Why I hate Hangovers

I’m currently sitting in the bath questioning all of my life choices over the past 24 hours…….. Because I’m meant to be having a lovely afternoon in the sunshine with my friends, however my head…

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The Hand Luggage Challenge

I’ve now been back from my blissful (loud, lairy and ridiculously fun) hen holiday for 2 and a half weeks and have been trying to write this blog post since then, sorry for the delay!…

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