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Things We Should Bring Back From The 90’s & 00’s

After the delightful Friends revival on Netflix, it really got me thinking about those way better times that were the 90’s and 00’s where you were a young fresh thing, where Trump wasn’t President just…

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Life Lessons: Fight the Flab or Fight the Demons

It’s the new year and everyone is crippling under the pressure of their new year’s resolutions. After 10 days (or more) of gluttony, enjoyment, happiness and wine, people are sitting at their desk on their…

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The “New Year, New Me” Hype

HNY – Guess what? I woke up today and I’ve not changed….. 2018 has not suddenly turned me into a teetotal, vegan, do-gooder (the same as every year). Far from it actually and that’s just…

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Is New Year’s Eve Overrated?

Anyone else feeling the New Year’s Eve pressure? Feeling like you should be going out with all your best pals, getting your hair and nails done, wearing a slamming new dress, drinking until you’re sick…

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A Year In Photos

2017 – the year the Instagram Algorithm killed us all, the year of Trump and high profile sexual assualt, but also the year of halloumi fries and girl power. I’ve had the most wonderful year,…

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