The Oz Blog – The Ultimate Backpackers Packing Guide

The Oz Blog – The Ultimate Backpackers Packing Guide

Now the secret is out, I can spam you all you everything you have to buy the budding traveller in your life (AKA me, BUY ME ALL OF THESE ITEMS I MUST HAVE TO ADEQUATELY TRAVEL OZ). Although I got most of them for Christmas because although all I wanted was sparkly things and leopard print I somehow managed to restrain and wrote this very conservative list.

All things have been recommended to me, or just seem to be common sense for what is necessary if you’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime or just hopping across the channel for a few weeks touring Europe. 

I’ve included some affiliate links which means I may get some pennies if you click on the links and purchase anything.

Cabin Zero 44L Rucksack £60

The colour I love is of course out of stock because that’s my life, but there are a plethora of options out there. The reviews on the site are ace and big up to my friend Josie who first recommended this bad boy. It opens out fully to make it easier to pack and find things and the material is super lightweight. Win, win if you ask me.

Dock and Bay Lightweight Towel £23.99

Compact and lightweight and they apparently dry 3 times faster than a normal towel. I’m sold, mainly because there is nothing worse than a soggy, damp smelling towel in the bottom of your bag…. Thailand taught me that lesson. In my head it folds the size of a postage stamp. 

Travel Cubes £13.97

SMand bought me some of these a few years ago and they are honestly a lifesaver. These ones look slightly more varied in size and I like the labelling, but in general they are just very practical. You’ve got cubes for toiletries and clothes and underwear and you can decide exactly how you want to split the contents. 

Adapter Plugs £6 for 2

Extension Lead with USB Ports £15.99

I really didn’t feel a picture was necessary as I’d like to think you all know what an adapter plug is, but it has to be there so you can click on the link, lollll, but it is of course an essential. To go hand in hand with an adapter any traveller needs to get an extension lead….. a tip I was given when working in Mallorca, 1 adapter plug, 1 extension lead and voila 3 english plug points, yes I am fully aware I’m a genius.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide £11

I think it goes without saying that Lonely Planet produce the best guide books. They publish new editions regularly so you know all of the information is up to date, you don’t want to be turning up to a bar in Istanbul that’s now a brothel do you?

Chicmoda Collapsible Water Bottle £12.99

This water bottle is the actual dogs bollocks, it holds a litre and is fully collapsible. It also claims to be leak proof and is BPA free is that tickles your titties. I’ve already got mine ready to go on some long ass hikes in the bush.

Iphone Tripod £14.99

Now we all know that I am a bit of a hopeless technophobe, but Vix the absolute mega babe suggested I get a tripod to up my photo game whilst away and I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before. After accidentally sending the wrong one to my mum (and her sending the wrong one to father Christmas) I am now in receipt of a tripod with bells and whistles and most importantly an iPhone connector.

Noise Cancelling Head Phones £21.99

Those of you who know me, know that I used to be a brand whore (ok maybe still am) but since going away I’ve been so much more mindful of spending empty £’s on a brand. In an ideal world I’d be lusting over Bose headphones but in reality I think these little babes will do just fine.

Solar Power Bank £24.99

I am a technophobe and these have probably been around for years, but when I discovered these earlier in the week my mind was actually blown. I did some extensive research (amazon reviews) and this one looks to be pretty ace….. watch this space when I’m stuck in the outback and my shitty solar charger won’t work.

What has been a godsend to you whilst you have been travelling, let me know on here, or come and chat on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Ps. Stunning feature Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash



  1. Footloose
    February 3, 2019 / 5:57 pm

    You prob have one already but kindle instead of books! Footloose x

    • Ashleigh
      February 4, 2019 / 8:01 am

      I haven’t actually and not sure I can stretch to one before I go away! I have however got about 12 books I want to take with me 😝 Ashleigh x

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