Becoming a Yes Woman

Becoming a Yes Woman

The last few weeks have been really shitty, really shitty. It got to Thursday 5:30pm and I was still at work, who am I?! and I got a text (haha it was obviously a whatsapp and not a text, can you even send texts nowadays?) from my friend, James asking if I wanted to join him at a gig….. my first question  was “who’s stood you up?” we laughed about that for a few messages and I said I would go. Then I changed my mind, said I’d had a shitty week, I was still at work and that all I really wanted to do was go home and hibernate in my pyjamas.

James didn’t even beg me to go with him, just sent a message saying he was going to go solo and if I changed his mind to let him know. Then something inside me snapped, I text him back instantly and said yes, I would go, because if I’m feeling sad and lonely and have an opportunity to go out and do something fun, with someone who always makes me laugh then why the hell wouldn’t I go, get a grip Ashleigh, get a bloody grip!

I did however say that I would only go under the proviso if they were shit he wouldn’t make me stay, he agreed! He also promised to buy me a burger as I hadn’t managed to fit in dinner as was too busy trying to put together a sassy outfit, so basically it was a win, win situation.

Turns out the support act James really wanted to see weren’t playing as their singer had broken his leg, which I obviously found hilarious, but the support act who did play “funk and the two tone baby” was great…. I’m talking synths, i’m taking loop pedals, I’m talking harmonicas. He was crazy and his songs all had very “unique” titles but I loved it.

There was a lull waiting for the main act to come on and I got a bit moody, because I was bored waiting, but they were worth the wait. “Skinny Lister” came on stage and I smiled continuously for the next hour. They were folky and indie and I just loved every single one of their songs. I was dancing around, singing along (although I didn’t know the words and had never heard any of their songs before) and just lost myself, its funny how music can do that to you. They sang a sea shanty for gods sake, who doesn’t love that?! and there was a double bass, a bloody double bass and he crowd surfed with it! I enjoyed myself soooooo much and although I hate to admit it, the company was great too.

This led me to do some reflection the next day whist I was driving about for work, what if I’d have said “NO” to that gig and wallowed in my self pity all evening, I wouldn’t have discovered 2 new acts, I wouldn’t have laughed so hard my sides hurt….. and I wouldn’t have got a burger *yes*. In that moment I decided I am going to come a “yes woman” and seize opportunities that come my way. Within reason of course, I’m not going to start saying yes to going down dark alleys to meet some strangers puppies, but I am going to say yes to things that will enhance my life. So with that in mind mum and I are going to an antique fair today, I’d usually say no as it seems so far away and I have plans this evening, but I thought, why not? That’s what weekends are for surely and it’s always lovely so spend time with mummy.

Have you said yes to something and in hindsight realised what a great decision it was? Comment below and let me know your experiences and maybe next time you are about to say no, think, could I be a yes woman?



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