Bloggers Block

Bloggers Block

Slightly ironic that I’m writing a blog about not being able to write a blog isn’t it? I’m sitting here with a cuppa (2nd one of the day I’ll have you know) and I pleading with my brain to give me some inspiration, but the words just aren’t appearing. There are so many things I want to write about, love, fashion, food, friends, that new ASOS top I’ve got my eye on, but I just can’t seem to produce anything sass around those topics. My inspiration mainly comes when I’m in the bath or laying in bed and I have to admit I do those things quite often (at least once a day) and nothing even mildly exciting is coming to me…. annoying.

I tell you what it’s a bloody good job this isn’t my real life job and I don’t actually get paid for this as I’d be pretty poor right now! When I decided to start “blogging” I decided right from the start it would be completely organic, I would write when I had inspiration and would not force anything. Hell yeh it’s tempting to buy 10k Instagram followers and write a shit blog post every few days just to increase my viewing figures, but that life just ain’t for me.

Blogging was always meant to be a release for me, I got to a point where I had so many ideas and words whirling around in my head I just had to write them down. Sometimes that still happens and it’s joyful, but I will never put pressure on myself to write, because thats when a hobby becomes a chore surely?

Maybe it doesn’t help that social media seem to have it in for me…… my Facebook page doesn’t seem to be reaching anyone and the Instagram algorithm is sending me into despair. Why can’t platforms promote people who are less known rather than showing me all of the pictures on my feed that already have 3,927 likes, it shouldn’t get me down but it does. People thrive on views and comments and compliments and it spurs me on to write, but when I feel people aren’t reading it puts you off writing.


So let’s just say a little prayer for Ashleigh Laura Hitter and hope that next time I have a bath (in about 7 minutes) that the most wonderful blogpost idea pings into my little pea brain. Alternatively any blogging ideas from you lovely people would be greatly appreciated. What do you want me to write about fashion, life, weight, food, body image, if I know what you cherubs want to read it might help me focus a bit more. In the mean time thanks for sticking by me in my blogger lull.

Over and out …… sorry lol, I’ve never said that before in my life and it just came out, but I quite like it.


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