Blogiversary, Is that even a word… it is now, uh huh. Well can you bloody believe it, I have been amusing myself with writing blogs for a year today (well a year yesterday, but I’ve been busy enjoying life and didn’t have time to write this post)

Now I’m going to have a little brag….. since this time last year I have written 44 blog posts

Since starting my blog my dreams and aspirations have changed and will continue to change I’m sure. Yes, I’d still love to be an international buyer or a property developer or a boutique owner, but nowadays I’d also love to be a successful blogger and get paid to travel the world and get sent free clothes by ASOS. You’ve got to work hard for all of that and it doesn’t just come overnight, so lets just hope maybe one day I will write a blog post (if I ever get my mojo back) and it’ll go viral and I can quite my job and change my CV to say “blogger”.


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