How To Support Charity This Christmas

How To Support Charity This Christmas

Hello my little Christmas elves – I’m sort of back to Blogmas, but also sort of not, because hey life and mine pies and tinsel. I’ve been thinking a lot about the actual meaning of Christmas and how people have gone a bit cray cray these last few years…. read more about that here. In essence it made me realise how lucky I am and how many wonderful schemes and charities out there that you can support over the Christmas period. Here’s a few locally I’ve found and some that run nationally that you can support:


Leeway Domestic Abuse Charity

Leeway are a Domestic Abuse Charity which operates a service over Norfolk. A charity that I work with a lot due to my daytime job and in turn Leeway means a lot to me. Their Christmas appeal details are linked below and they are taking donations for the next couple of days…. so if you can spare a gift for a mother or child who has had a truly awful year, get a shifty on! Please note Leeway ask for mother’s present only, because the nearest male refuge is hundreds of miles away (which shows how underfunded these services are and how many barriers there are for men and women to leave an abusive relationship). Men can also be victims of Domestic Abuse and it’s something that people need to remember.

Leeway Christmas Appeal


No one should be alone at Christmas and once again in my job, the harrowing thought that residents and vulnerable people are alone at Christmas really breaks my heart. Colleagues of mine have been known to go and do a Christmas shop for people, now that really is Christmas spirit. This wonderful charity advertises and holds events run by volunteers to try and give people the gift of company on Christmas day. There are events nationwide and to get involved you can either donate a monetary contribution or even volunteer to be there on Christmas day.

The Silver Line

Give to A Food Bank

Picking up an extra few bits and bobs when doing your Christmas shop may cost an extra £5 but some people at Christmas don’t have enough food to feed their family, let alone even think about a 12 course roast dinner with a big fat turkey, canapes and a cheese course, puts things into perspective a bit doesn’t it.


Give a street child the chance of a birth certificate. This could give a child the chance to register at a school, be able to give birth in a hospital or simply gives them an identity.

Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me pages are perfect if you are looking to support an individual, a family or a community run project at this festive time. There are thousands of pages that are welcoming donations. I’ve linked ‘Go Fund Me’ below and you can easily browse or search areas that are close to your heart. It goes without saying after reading a few stories the tears will be rolling.

Yes, this post is pretty heavy, but rather than spending an extra £10 on your little darlings this year how about spreading the love in another way, I promise you it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Have you donated this year? Let me know what other campaigns are out there that people can support


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