Christmas Feels

Christmas Feels

WARNING SOPPY POST ALERT – yes you heard right this stone hearted bitch has an ever so soft side.

Yesterday was perfection (well almost, perfection would have been a visit from my brother and his girlfriend) and after the last sprout was eaten and the bottle of port was guzzled I realised how much my family means to me. They always say you can’t pick your family, but bloody hell if I had a choice I would pick each and every one over and over again. My drunken Uncle (probably where I get it from) who insists that every song we play is either Pink Floyd or the Eagles and then says that every song is “his favourite record” My lovely Auntie who humours my uncle…. and puts up with him! My cousins are they’re delightful children, who spent about 6 hours doing the conga round the kitchen island in their new super hero outfits! My grandparents who just sat back all day and watched the crazy events take place around them and of course my wonderful parents who made the day truly special.

The most amazing memories were made yesterday, I laughed until my jaw ached, I ate more food than is probably legal, I danced around the kitchen, I cuddled my favourite little people (and fed them more chocolate when their mummy said no) I drunk all the alcohol and then tried to navigate my bike home and I also sat back and thanked my lucky stars for everything.

And now I’m sitting here watching Frozen and getting ready to do it all again today and that suits me just fine….. make sure you hold your loved ones a little closer this Christmas and appreciate them, because people won’t be around forever. Merry Christmas you bunch of beauts.

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