Christmas Time, Homesickness and Wine

Christmas Time, Homesickness and Wine

Snow is falling, all around me. Oh wait, actually it’s not. Today is forecast to be a stonking 42 degrees and we’re 5 days away from Christmas.

The standard tinsel is draped around my computer screens, the carols are blasting at every opportunity, I’m somehow drinking more wine than usual and eating even more cheese…. Not really sure it’s possible, but apparently so! However, there is a distinct lack of Christmas cheer.

Usually around this time of year I will literally bouncing off the walls, shrieking with excitement and barely able to contain myself for the festivities.

For a gal who adores Christmas, this one is definitely going to be a weird one.

The homesickness started to seep in about 6 weeks ago when I got drunk at bingo and cried because I missed my mum (and the rest of my family) and my friends and all the new babies around. I also cried because my hearing is getting worse (but that’s another story for another day).

Everything felt not quite right. I was surrounded by wonderful people but was already worried about being or feeling lonely at Christmas. I was sad I didn’t have a Christmas tree to put up or even a bloody place to live with one. It really hit home (ironic) that I wouldn’t be having a traditional Christmas with my friends a family, a Christmas I have always known and loved.

I’ve missed the build up, selecting a tree, making fudge, Christmas parties, sequin skirts, my ridiculous Christmas pudding hat, mum starting on the real Christmas pudding in September, spending hours and hours thinking about the perfect gift for a special someone, wrapping it within an inch of its life and then seeing their face ripping it open on Christmas day, but most of all I miss my people and spending precious time with them over the festivities.

If I’d have been offered a flight home for Christmas 4 weeks ago I’d have absolutely snapped your hand off, but now I’m trying to embrace the experience it will be……

As always I will be doing what I can to give back to the community. As a very poor traveler it won’t be much, but some items for the foodbanks and a few wrapped gifts for children who’s Christmas will be pretty shitty will as always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

There will be Family dinners with friends, great wine, tables buckling under all the cooked goods, calories, laughter and Christmas cheer.

Sleepovers with friends with Christmas films, cheese and snuggles.

Cheap tinsel (because it’s all I can afford) thrown onto every surface.

And finally a very interesting Christmas day in the sun.

Will it be a good experience? I’m not too sure yet, but it will be an experience for sure.

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