7 Ways to be more Freddie Mercury

7 Ways to be more Freddie Mercury

After a crying, laughing, dancing 3 hour filled cinema trip to watch “Bohemian Rhapsody” the story of one of my all times favourite bands, Queen the main feeling I was left with was raw, thought provoking emotion. Although some of the details were slightly inaccurate we all use a bit of creative licence to make things slightly more exciting don’t we?

After my 12 minute walk home whist listening to Queen’s back catalogue I decided we all need to be more Freddie and here’s why:

Dare to Be You

Be gay, be straight, be pansexual, be polyamorous, be a rock star, be an opera singer or a mechanic, be asian, be Christian, be fat, be thin, be wonderful, be sad, be whatever you want to be, but BE YOU. 

If people tell you’ve got big teeth, bite them with them (please don’t actually do that). If people tell you you’re boring, throw a book at them (don’t do that either). Don’t apologise for being who you are because life really would be boring if everyone was conventional.

Our mate Freddie may have tried to keep his private life private (I don’t bloody blame him) but he seemed to accept who he was especially when he finally settled down. He changed his name but that was because he wanted to be someone different, which meant he was being true to himself. 

Love Cats 

They are your friends, they are wonderful creatures. If at all possible give them each their own boudoir in your 9 bedroom mansion and above all else name them after other cartoon animals and fictional Shakespeare characters. 

Ps. When you are performing in front of a billion people for Live Aid make sure you leave the TV on so your furry friends can watch you in all your glory. 

Money isn’t Everything

Everyone thinks they want to be rich, well I think they do, but the older you get the more you realise it’s not about money. I’ve always been my happiest when I’ve been in love, travelling, going on adventures, listening to live music, going to festivals, watching sunsets and laughing. Most of these things don’t cost money and it’s in fact the people you share these moments with and even better if you have the capability to enjoy them alone.  

Friends, The Family You Choose

I’m a bit weird and all of my friends are probably  as weird as I am. There’s a reason each one of them have come into my life and made it a little bit brighter. It may be a shared love of singing Lady Gaga, watching Harry Potter or just cuddling on the sofa drinking wine. Or something much bigger a shared passion or calling in life that you can’t imagine doing with anyone else other than the people close to you. 

Sometimes you fuck up and sometimes they fuck up, sometimes time goes by too quick and sometimes they just damn right piss you off, but real friends know each other to the core and will always be there to agree you royally screwed up, but welcome you back with open arms. 

Dare to Be Brave

If your record producer tells you that you can’t release Bohemian Rhapsody as a single then sack that bitch and do your own thing. 

You have to invest in you and believe in yourself. Sometimes you have to be bold and confident in your decisions and if you feel strongly about something, don’t back down. 


Loneliness can affect us all, from an outsider’s perspective it may look like you’ve got it all, but sometimes those people are the ones suffering the most. You push people away who are closest to you and we can treat the people we love the most in the worst possible way. Put into the mix money and fame and can you trust whether people are genuine or out to get something. 

Shagging, drugs and Rock and Roll won’t solve your issues

Yes, okay, I’ll admit it does sound ever so fun, but once the parties have ended, the champagne’s been drunk and the buzz of people and music dies down, you’re still you and haven’t dealt with your demons, you’ve just drunk and shagged your way through it to numb the pain. 

Don’t trust people called Paul… they’re pricks. Do trust people called Mary, they are good eggs and do your god damn best to find your own Jim Hutton. If you don’t understand the references go watch the film, or if you’re lazy get your google on. 

Freddie Mercury



  1. December 2, 2018 / 11:17 am

    Love, love, love this. What a glorious film and what an amazing soul. Freddie was a legend and I think we definitely all need to be more like him! <3

    • Ashleigh
      December 2, 2018 / 6:12 pm

      Thanks Michelle, it is such a good film isn’t it?! It just made me feel so inspired

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