How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit Whilst Decorating

How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit Whilst Decorating

Decorating the Christmas tree and house in general is an amazing experience – once you’ve got over the stress of actually putting up the tree and spreading the lights evenly. Although my friend Princess Polly’s mum has the most wonderful tip and it works every time when it comes to fairy lights. Arrange lights, stand back and squint and any lighting loopholes will be revealed…… sorry slight tangent there, but I just had to share. Once the above is complete the festivities can truly begin. Here’s what I do to really feel festive whilst decking the halls:


All decorations must been taken out of the boxes and laid on the floor to ohh and ahh over before being positioned in their festive home.


Festive Pj’s are a must and should be worn all day, preferably with a snuggly dressing gown and some fluffy socks. Note dressing gown will be slung on floor at some point at the hot and sweaty tree assembling stage.


If you’ve got time to bake fresh goods: Sausage rolls and cookies YASSSS. If not its all about the party food, kids dinner or the first of many festive takeaways (by festive I mean because it’s December, not coz you’re ordering turkey dinner takeaway from the local Chinese)


Now I’m sure you are aware I’ll always go for the alcoholic option – which ranges from a naughty gin and tonic to mulled wine, but if you’re not as alcohol obsessed as I am, warm yourself up with a hot chocolate adorned with cream and marshmallows and even one of those cute little gingerbread houses if you’re a fancy pants.


It goes without saying really doesn’t it…. Elf, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street or The Holiday. Or just whack on the old Classics, because there is nothing better than singing The Pogues at the top of your voice (yes I do still shout “you scum bag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot” really loudly, because childish and whatnot).

So that’s it, the perfect way to get in the mood whilst putting your decs up….. P.S. Did anyone notice how many times I said Christmas and festive in this post? Nah uh, me either.

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