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Cooper King Gin, Tonic and Accompaniments

I love nothing morning than a girls night in. So when one of the work gals Harrie invited us round for a dinner party (read dinner, foul language and stories that will make me chortle until the day I die) I knew that I had to take round my ginwith gin subscription box that was kindly sent to me as a gift earlier that week. I’ll add the box was sent for free, only transparency on this chuffing blog.

I’ll take you back to the Monday morning. The delivery man pressed the buzzer at 8am and my level of grumpiness was off the scale. He had woken me up and I thought the chance of the delivery actually being for me was slim to none, so when I opened the door a saw the box I knew I’d won at Monday.

I decided to open it when I got home from work and the thought of gin, gin, gin got me through the day. Once I got home, I ripped it open like the biggest Christmas present on Christmas morning. If you watch my Instagram stories you’ll have seen how excited I was and the squeals were very annoying, so apologies for that. Not only did I love and adore everything included I was particularly pleased that it came with a little tasting guide to give some in depth detail on the gin and some sexy little cocktails to try…. I’m a geek, I know.

Now don’t be getting all jealous, but I am going to give you a run down of what was included in da gin box:

Cooper King Gin 70cl – with aromas of Lemongrass and cumin (on the ole nose) and tastes of lemongrass, cumin (in the ole mouth)

Popcorn Shed Say Cheese Popcorn

Slab Lemon Meringue Artisan Fudge

2 x Fever Tree Indian Tonic

Cucumber and Rosemary for the perfect serve – and it bloody well was.

Whenever I think of girls night (or any gathering really) I always think of my signature cocktail. When I say mine, it’s a bit of a lie really because it’s a recipe I found online (via bottlegreen cordial), but it is now the standard drink I’ll make at any occasion, because it is sweet, but tangy, you can drink it like it’s juice and it of course involves gin, my one true love.

I loaded up all of the ingredients and made sure the cocktail shaker was packed. Harriet confirmed she had some nice glasses and ice… which is obviously essential.

I’m not going to lie I’d already scoffed the delicious cheesy popcorn from popcorn house after ‘opening it for a taste’ and 489 seconds later sitting in a pool of crumbs, packaging and popcorn kernels. I can honestly say it was absolutely divine and as you can probably guess, sooooo moorish.

The fudge I also kept at home, because I’m selfish and after biting a chunk out of it on the Monday and having a little slice of it every night week, I’d decided it was just too nice to share. Don’t hate the player hate the game.

So, let’s get down to it, how do you recreate the gin bad boy.

Ashleigh’s Appletini

Yes, I’m aware the name isn’t that catchy, but any other suggestions always welcome.

  • 60 ml cloudy apple juice
  • 50 ml Cooper King gin
  • 10 ml elderflower cordial
  • 10 ml lime juice
  • 6 mint leaves, torn

Now all you need to do is put it all in a cocktail shaker with loadsa ice, give it a shake…. helps if you are all singing and dancing along to a cheesy 90’s playlist, think early destiny’s child, spice girls, b*witched and Christina Milian, then strain it into glasses.

It always goes down well and I can confirm there were definitely some sore heads the next day. That didn’t stop me having a Cooper King gin the following day with the signature accompaniments and I can confirm it was DIVINE!

So if you’re looking for a tasty gin subscription box for you or as a gift, then head over to Gin With, they’ve also offered me a cheeky 15% off your first box with this code http://ginwith.refr.cc/ashleighh so fly my pretties and make sure you report back what wonderful goodies you get.

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