Hand Luggage Essentials

Hand Luggage Essentials

I nearly made it, I nearly made it on holiday without crumbling a booking hold luggage, I only booked it a week ago and that was solely due to the stressful thoughts constantly circulating in my head: will I fit everything in, what if they weigh it and it’s over, what if I can’t fit in that extra bikini, what liquids can I take…. Stress, Stress, STRESS! My super fans (probs 2 of you, Emily and my Mum) may remember last year’s post on The Hand Luggage Challenge however lets just say that went out of the window this time!

I like to pretend that I’m a laid back Larry and always travel light…. But when you’re luggage allowance is increased by a whole 20kgs it’s hard not to throw in couple (4) extra dresses and some additional bikinis because what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t wear them and you bring them back home. To summarise I’m a liar, I don’t like travelling light and I’m not a laid back Larry and taking hand luggage only gives me the fear.

It also adds to the excitement, a suitcase and a delightfully (and large) straw, glittery, palm tree, flamingo, metallic or just completely 100% over the top summery bag rammed with travelling essentials. This holidays bag of choice is a delightful pink and green palm tree number….. Helllllllo holiday! Each holiday I go I decide I need a hand luggage check list, but I never do it because I’m a lazy arse, but I’m on the train and I’m bored so I thought I’d give you all a run down! Pick and choose and amend as necessary

Actual essentials – Passport, e-tickets, boarding passes, insurance docs, purse, debit and credit card

Now these really are the essentials, because I’m a liability I have to check at least 34 times before I leave the house that I have all of these.. Anything else can be bought or you can live without, but forget one of these and you are “essentially” fucked!

Electrical Essentials

Phone, obvs. Earphones, obvs (and can be used as less effective version of earplugs) and of course phone charger, because I seem to lose 12% battery on my shitty iPhone before I even reach the front door. However applause to trains and charging points in airports and random double plug sockets found in weatherspoons.

Make-up bag

Nothing makes you feel a better after travelling all day than having a little make-up sprucey before your flight starts to descend, alternatively if you’d prefer, take some wipes and when it starts to feel all claggy take that bad boy off and free your face. Got my carex or similar in hard luggage too, because sometimes just leaving the uk sends my bad boys into a chapped frenzy.

earplugs, pillow spray, eye mask, pillow

And anything else you can think of to help relax you whilst on your flight and if you can wangle some zzzz’s that’s got to be bonus. I don’t actually have an eye mask with me, not because I’m not a diva, because I haven’t got one! Earplugs are the actual dream on a flight, actually earplugs in general are pretty dreamy…. Invest ( they’re cheap as chips)


I like to take a cocktail just in case, legal obvs. Paracetamol, ibroprufen, 4head, calms, feminax, Imodium…… Because you just never know what you might get struck down with mid flight, if you know what I mean


Part of my airport ritual is to head to W H Smith, get a vat of water (no, you’re cool), some sucky sweets (for my sexy popping ears) and at least 2 deliciously glossy mags ….. Usually look and then something trashy. I never buy magazines anymore and treating myself to a few to read on a flight is just bliss. I also like to take a book and my iPad because this gal gets bored especially when I’m at 20,000 feet with airplane mode on, because I can’t mindlessly scroll social media.


Hairbrush, mini deodorant, hairband, grips, snacks and socks – I’m not going to explain these because they’re pretty self explanatory, huh?

And after travelling across London with a suitcase and my large Palm tree bag in 25 degree heat I’ll be adding a fan to said essentials list…. I’m not even at gatwick and I’m a sweaty creased mess!

Happy holidays – have I missed anything that you find essential to add to your hand luggage?


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