Has Christmas Gone Mad?

Has Christmas Gone Mad?

Now I’m sitting here on a plane (where I often get my inspiration, maybe I need more holidays **smirky face**) thinking about Christmas and everything that encapsulates it and I brought me round to the question “has Christmas gone mad?” I’m not talking about decs and sparkly skirts and all that jazz, I’m talking about the presents associated with it? Is it turning little angels into devils, is it making people greedy and gluttonous and selfish….. or am I just being a cynical old cow (I am nearly 30 after all).

In all honesty I’ve had a wonderful upbringing with a small family and in turn haven’t wanted for much at all (lucky me), however I never felt that it has affected me like we are seeing nowadays…. disclaimer, I will begrudgingly admit I’m a bit of a spoilt princess, but that’s just my personality.

It seems like things have got extremely out of hand these last few years. Some Parents buy so many presents they are spilling out of the living room…. is it guilt because they work hard, is it because people want to spend their well earned money on their children or is it just for show? Is it to put photos on Facebook and to keep up with the jones’ to make Felicia your old school friend feel shit because all she could afford to buy for tiny Tim were a handful of thoughtful but inexpensive gifts. Guess what, doesn’t make you better than her. I would never, ever tell people how to spend their money, but sometimes I think everyone needs to take a step back and reassess.

Is all this spoiling turning the next generation into precocious brats who don’t understand worth or is it the people around those children having this effect. Is spoiling a child an immediate bearing on how they will grow up to be as an adult, I don’t know. I always write a Christmas list, sometimes outrageous, sometimes just a bit basic (this year I’ve asked for a shelf and a corkscrew) but I only write a list because to me it’s tradition and I sure as hell wouldn’t expect to receive everything on it. I couldn’t give a flying hoot if I don’t get the gin ballon glasses I’ve asked for or another bloody decorative flamingo because all I care about Really is spreading the Christmas joy, being ridiculously excited because I’m a child, drinking wine and eating cheese and most of all spending quality time with my family who I love so dearly. Out of all the presents on this Earth all I ever want are things I can cherish forever, photos, keepsakes, handmade presents and better than that, memories.

I’m not saying these opinions are right or wrong they’re just opinions and I’m pretty sure you’ll all have your own opinions on the subject and I’d love to hear them.

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