Hello August

Hello August

Hello you sass pots, can you believe it’s the 8th month of the year already, where the bloody hell has the time gone! We’re still getting some winks of sunshine and August is often a particularly joyful month for me because it’s my birthday! Just for a little something new I thought I’d give you all a round up of some exciting…..and less exciting things on the horizon for this month.


Trip to Brighton

I used to live quite close to Brighton, however by the time I’d upped and left I’d never got the chance to take my mum and she is bloody desperate to go… so we’re going, next weekend, YAY! I can’t wait for some quality time together just wandering round the lanes, eating brunch and visiting the pier. Also I can have my little photographer back so I may be able to get some outfit shots…. watch this space! If you’ve got any recommendations for us, hit a gal up in the comments.

Gin Tasting Evening

A early birthday present from my Mum and Dad. A whole family affair with my Auntie and Uncle and cousins too. Basically a night on the gin tasting it and learning all about how it’s made, I’m quite concerned that everyone may get really drunk and try and stay over in my 1 bed flat rather than get a taxi home….. pray for me! Find out more about gin tasting evenings here.


This may shock you but I’m dramatic and needy and over the top and therefore an Ashleigh birthday is usually a month long celebration! This year however rather than having a week off work, I only have my actual birthday because I swanned off to Thailand and Rhodes, booohooo. I’m going to spend the day with my mum and hopefully we will go wandering somewhere, eat some nice lunch and I will be treated like the birthday princess I am.

Bank Holiday 

There’s nothing more exciting than a 3 day weekend and the last one until christmas is coming up. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) some delightful weather, some sort of BBQ a beer garden, food, friends, family, love and laughter…. what more can you ask for.


I know I’ve just been bleating on about it still being summer but look at this bloody trenchcoat please turn up on my door step, pretty, pretty pease!


As I’m sure you’ve all established by now I’m obsessed with travelling and ticking items off my extremely long bucket list. Whilst browsing today I came across this amazing looking travel book and I need it in my life…. just so I can make that bucket list a little longer ya know.



These mongolian cushions have been in TK Maxx for months in lots of different colours and I want 80% of them, however this one will do as a start.


The babelicious Hannah Gale alerted me to these wonderful shoes and I’ve been crying with lust over them since….. everything I need in my life, pink, leopard print and sassy. GIMME NOW



Run Norwich 

Back in January I thought it would be a really clever idea to sign myself up for 10k run… guess what?! It was neither big, nor clever. I only signed up because I’d stupidly decided to complete a 10K race as one of my 2017 goals and a lot of my team at work were entering. I had big aspirations for all the training I’d do and the blog post all about my transformation from coach to 10k, but lets be honest here, I haven’t done any training for about 5 months….. ideal….. not. The positive is it’s only 10K and I will feel proud as punch when I’ve completed it.

Turning 27

I know age is only a number blah, blah, blah, but last week I thought that turning 26 isn’t too bad, then I had some sort of hernia because I realised I am already 26 and I’m actually turning 27. I had a little cry as realised I am another year closer to 30. I think I’m over it now, but seriously where does the time go and why the hell have I not got my shit together yet!

So here’s to a wonderful month, let me know your recommendations for Brighton and how to beat the birthday blues in the comments below!




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