Hello holiday…. hello stress

Hello holiday…. hello stress

I’m finally through the other side of the stress and have made it to a pretty delightful establishment called “the perfectionists’ cafe” with a gin and tonic in hand and an eggs benedict in mouth, now the holiday can begin.

However, let’s just talk about the stress budding up to this now almost carefree moment:

Packing – don’t even get me started and in case anyone was considering taking a 17kg rucksack on holiday ever…. Don’t. I had it on my back for about 4 minutes before I decided I’d rather throw it in the bin and spend the whole holiday in just the clothes on my back. I thought I’d packed light…. Spoiler, I hadn’t! 

Taxis – 29 minutes late, yes I’m being precise but you start to get pretty stressed when they don’t arrive after 34 seconds lets alone 29 minutes…. Safe to say my taxi driver didn’t get a tip, to his credit he did get me here on time, With special thanks to his Lewis Hamiltonesque driving and the fact he didn’t seem to mind running every red light.

Luggage – my brother specifically told me “make sure they check your luggage in all the way to Samui and don’t take no for an answer” well we can all work out how that ended can’t we? My luggage is not checked into Samui so chances of missing my internal flight are high (come on it’s me, pro by 94% chance I’ll miss it) however I did take solace in the fact I took the mean lady’s name so if I miss it, she’ll be getting a complaint about her.

Bag straps – you got bag straps? You gotta check your luggage in somewhere on the other side of airport…. Sorry what? Am I in the Truman show, have I been punk’d by Ashton Kutcher? Why is everything going wrong!? And why have I got to walk even further with this bloody rucksack on my back.

Security – actually, that was pretty stress free. I’m pretty surprised I didn’t get my bags and every other orrifice searched by security, so it’s not all bad I spose.

But, now the stress is over and gin is in hand, I’m ready to get my holiday vibes on, complete with corn rows and ridiculously bright fingernails, such a sassy pants aren’t I?

Ps. Probs gonna miss my flight now because I’m too busy writing this post rather than watching the departures board

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