How To Put The Spring In Your Step

How To Put The Spring In Your Step

I don’t think I’d be talking out of line here if I said 98% of the UK are fed up with this bloody weather, especially considering it is meant to be spring. If Beast of the East III even threatens to curse my doorstep I will be flipping my lid! In the mean time, whilst the sun doesn’t even pretend to shine, here’s a few ideas to put the spring in your step:

Take yourself on a walk

Wrap up warm, because let’s be honest, unless you’re wearing a roll neck under that little floral dress you’re going to die a death. Go somewhere where you will get to enjoy the nature of spring. Spot the daffs and crocuses blooming, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the first glimpses of Spring even though the weather may not have got the memo.

Have a Hug/Snuggle

If the weather is going to be shit, embrace it and have a hug or a snuggle on the sofa. How nice is it to feel the warmth and happiness of a hug? I know you’re all thinking I hate hugs, but a hug from someone I love is one of the best feelings. Holding someone tight can’t be rivalled.

Buy/Wear Something Bright

Who cares if the sun isn’t yet shining, it is technically spring so bring out your bright. Pastels are very in this season (lemon and Lilac in particular) So buy yourself a sunny tee or some lilac boots, Topshop have a pair TO DIE FOR and add a little spring pop to your wardrobe. Wearing something bright will make you feel bright and happy and will rub off on others too…. unless they are miserable.


Treat Yo self to some pretty blooms, every time I look at flowers in my flat a little smile creeps on my face. Now you all know I’m a big fan of the Aldi flower selection, hubba bubba antique roses, but you can find cheapo bunches everywhere. Faves of mine include tulips, anything bright and the wonderful Rose and Iris bouquet from Sainsburys, oh and their tulip and hyacinth bouquet. Oh gawd and bring on Peony season. Of course you also need to snap pics of said flowers, because if they’re not instagrammable did you even buy them?

Book Something Fun

I’m not saying you have to spenny all the pennies…. but just booking something fun will lift those spirits and will get you in the mood for sunnier climes. Last weekend we went to Thorpe Park and had THE BEST TIME. We got a cracking deal and although it was a long day the excitement (and fear) of waiting in queue for a rollercoaster was thrilling. Other things you (I want to) could book include a photography course, a fun workout class or just organise a road trip to somewhere in the car….. if you head for the coast you’ll not be disappointed. You don’t need to stay the night just make a day of it and have an adventure.

Have a Cocktail Party

When I say party, I mean a party for 1, in your pyjamas, drinking pina colada, however, I’m very aware that other people’s perception of a party is very different. Get your gal (or lad) pals over for a bring on the summer party. Pineapples, cocktail umbrellas, rum, happiness and probably hangovers are obligatory. Now if that doesn’t get you in the mood for Spring, I don’t know what will.

If all else fails, just pack a suitcase and jet off to some exotic island for a couple of days…

Let me know if you’re doing anything in particular to put the spring in your step.

Ps Thanks to my wonderful friend and soul sister Heidi for the post idea…… maybe I could start a little series “friends recommends” I’ll work on the name, I’m aware it sounds a bit shit.

PPS. Photos on my camera roll but probably taken by Em…. so all credit to her for the snaps




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