I think I’ve just grown up?!

I think I’ve just grown up?!

So something has happened that is pretty special/big/scary and it has happened super quick. No, not my first blog post! This week I signed a tenancy agreement for a flat… but not just any flat, the most beautiful, antique, light, airy, spacious, delectable flat I have ever laid eyes on.

I don’t want to bore you all with the details, but I think I am going to anyway. I have been in love with this flat since last year and never did anything about it, until it sold and then came back on the market about 4 weeks ago.

I went to go and see it… although I didn’t need to as the whole place was imprinted in my brain (heart). I knew what colour the walls were, the exact location of any cracks and probably how many kitchen cupboards there were!! My mum came with me and tried to act calm, when I knew she loved it too, whilst I was pirouetting across the wooden floors and kissing the marble fireplaces….. really nonchalant huh?

My parents then decided to jet off for a week on holiday, leaving me with the biggest decision of my life. I was like a woman possessed, not sleeping (still eating obviously) not being able to concentrate on my stressful, intense day job and instead dreaming about navy and gold interiors and striping back the 17 layers of paint on every wooden surface.

I went back for a second viewing and once again spent the whole time swooning and not actually concentrating on the job in hand…. Investigating further and asking those pressing questions that could be a deal breaker. But, hey I was a woman in love, nobody can stand in the way of that!


There was a short lease on the place and that was really making my decision hard, so obviously I did what any normal person would do when their parents are away and tweeted kirsty Alsopp, you know that semi-famous one from location location location and she basically said to go for it and that was decision made!


So you are all thinking I said at the start that I’m signing a tenancy agreement and not completing on my mortgage and that was the sticking point. In short because of the lease and not being at my job for 12 months I can’t get a mortgage…. YET! After calling my mum and crying like a baby she spoke to the estate agents and the vendor agreed to let it to me until I can get my mortgage…. He must have liked me. And that it how we have come full circle and I am suddenly now having to be an adult… very quickly.

After trying to let it all sink in and after thinking about all the airy fairy bits I realised I don’t actually have any essentials you need when moving out. I do have enough beautiful teacups to hydrate the whole of the royal family and a fully stocked gold bar trolley, but I don’t have a sofa, fridge or a TV. So I’ve spent the last few weekends will trawling gumtree, reclamation yards, ebay and charity shops and its amazing what freebies you can lay your hands on. However, I’m still without a fridge, kettle and most importantly I have NO CHEESE GRATER, Wish me luck affording everything else I need (want)!

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  1. Amanda
    June 19, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    Ash, it is BEAUTIFUL well done! Im thinking of doing one of these blogs now…dont worry about not having some bits – you have a fully stocked gold drinks trolley for Gods sake what else does anyone need!!!!xxxx Your marble fireplace looks amazing and I agree that gumtree is so handy for furniture. Our place is a little cottage and we are still unpacking and trying to sort things out. My superking bed would not go up the little staircase so I had to buy a new bed! x Message me you new address?By the way I think that you should keep doing the blogs, they are really interesting xxxxx lots of love to you and your mum. Amanda & Ian xxxxxxxxxx

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