Is Social Media Killing Friendships?

Is Social Media Killing Friendships?

In a world where there are more social media platforms that you can shake a stick at, It’s got me thinking, are we neglecting our friends to be ‘present’ in a world that isn’t real. Or are we only communicating with them through the realms of social media? And is that a bad thing? I’m not really sure to be bloody honest.

I’ve got a large group of friends and I try, (try being the operative word because I’m useless) to message them as often as I can to see how they are and I also like to meet up with them and spend time with them. But it almost feels if you are connecting via social media you don’t need to actually ask someone “how are you?”. Replying to someone’s Insta story “lol, you so funny” (what I am always hoping people will reply to my Insta story), writing on your new Facebook profile pic “beautiful” and sending someone a snapchat of your lunch saying “boo salad again” may be connecting with someone, but it isn’t really checking in.  Yes, I suppose you could argue that random social media interaction is better than no interaction at all, but is it? Is it just an excuse so people don’t have to actually ask how you are and god forbid, you actually answer honestly, because scuzzy I tagged you in a meme last week, we don’t need to talk real life.

Let’s just get this out there, I’m not some old biddy and I know that we have to move with the times, because hell no, if anyone  picks up the phone and calls me I’ll run 100 miles and then 2 mins later text “oh sozzy, honey pie, missed your call, everything ok”. But do we want to lose texting (I don’t EVER text) and WhatsApp too?

It also got me thinking, look at me being all thinkery. Are we spending the time we could be checking in with our friends or actually spending time with them just absorbed in the word of Social Media. Making sure we get that perfect Insta shot, scrolling twitter reading the latest celeb beef, sending snaps of our morning brew. I have to admit I am guilty of this, but I also have a lot of time where I am alone and it keeps me company. I am also desperately trying to make something of this blog and you all know that takes an amazing amount of time and effort, But I do try (once again try being the operative word) to put my phone away and not scroll on Social Media (unless they’re all doing it too!) when I am with my friends. Because I want to see them and spend time with them and talk to them, not just sit on my phone. Maybe it’s the inevitable, but I don’t want it to be!

Just a bit of food for thought for you whilst your drinking your morning coffee and scrolling through your social media accounts (all 825 of them)!


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