Life Lessons: Body Shaming

Life Lessons: Body Shaming

A picture came out this week of a certain reality star celebrity that made me feel sick to the core. A picture that was shared thousands or times, posted into WhatsApp groups and that person over and over again was body shamed. As someone who feels very uncomfortable in my own body on a day to day basis and struggles with my weight I haven’t stopped thinking about how that person must have felt and still feels. Is it not enough that her peers look confident and happy in their bodies, how about trying on a thousand things and feeling like shit, how about not daring to look at yourself in the mirror is that not constant reminder without the whole world making you feel like shit and you know what, it’s not OK. I’m assuming here that’s how that celeb felt and I may be completely wrong, but I sure as hell know that’s how I would feel in that situation.

I spend a lot of my time arguing with the voices inside my head (hopefully not in a weird way) about my body, my clothing choices, whether I should eat that second biscuit and that mixed with my anxieties makes things a struggle.  Wherever I go I feel like people are judging me, talking about me, body shaming me “oh, she didn’t spend long on the treadmill”, “what an awful gym outfit” “those trousers look too tight”. I know a lot of this is in my head, but wouldn’t it be nice if nobody feel those insecurities because everyone around them was just being nice…..

Remember year 9 us when we judged everyone because we were cool and apparently it was cool to do it, well it’s not cool and although we are wired to judge, we aren’t wired to act on those judgements – definitely wrote cool and judge too many times in that sentence. Year 9 us need to take a rain check and people need to start supporting  gal pals, random folks you stalk on Instagram, or even walk past in the street. Cheer on those sass pots trying to run their own business and be their own boss, whoop and holler at all those real life cherubs who have curves and will put real life pictures on their Instagram warts and all, hang out a banner for the bitches bossing at life and who deserve a little pick me up or a word of encouragement here and there and most of all stop all the bull shit, we’re adults now, we don’t need that shit.

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