Life Lessons: Money Money Money

Life Lessons: Money Money Money

Don’t worry gal (and boy) pals I’m certainly not going to start giving you financial advice because I’ve got spending issues. I can sniff out any Zara within a 14 mile radius and one of my favourite hobbies is a casual ASOS browse. However this past year I’ve really been trying (note the work trying) to curb my habits. These past 2 months I do appear to have fallen slightly off the bandwagon (note my £60 ASOS order last week and my small to medium shopping spree today)

The main reason I started my spending ban was because I constantly live beyond my means and I realised that actually I didn’t have any money once I’d paid for being an adult and then gone out and got pissed and had a shopping splurge. I decided that who cares whether I’ve got a new gingham dress for Spring/Summer or 7 new bikinis for my holiday. The thing is, I do care and that annoys me, I don’t want to care, I want to wear the hundreds of clothes I’ve already got, I want to be happy that I don’t need possessions. I would say I have a slight shopping addiction, like anything addictive it gives you a buzz and you feel sassy in your new clothes and then you get home and realise you spent this weeks food money on clothes again….. not OK hun.

It also doesn’t help that I love fashion, bloody live it, breathe it, sometimes it seeps out of my pores, I swear. If I could quit my job tomorrow and become an international buyer I would…. no word of a lie, think of the discounts (drool emoji). Then we move onto the other slight issue which is this blogging malarky. I want to buy new things so you can all find out about them too and I can blog about them….. but until I’m a successful sass pot and get free things it’s expensive and this gal just ain’t got the funds.

So I’m here (in bed, standard) having a bit of reflection time after today’s spend and realising that I need to get back in the game. I don’t want to spend money on clothes because I’d much rather live my life spending my well earned molla on travelling and experiencing this world, Going on holiday, buying gig tickets, going to the theatre, sightseeing the UK, splashing out on city break flights. I think nothing of spending £60 on a dress from Topshop and not once does it cross my mind that would pay for an element of any of the above and how exciting is that.

I need to train my brain to realising that possessions DO NOT BRING HAPPINESS. Yes that cute little summer dress I bought today made me feel all swishy and summery and cute and I will feel happy when I am wearing it, but why? Probably because I’ll be on my holidays or heading to a family party or spending the day with my mummy and those people make me happy not the frigging dress. So next time I put something in my basket, rather than buying it I’m going to put that money in a fun account….. because bloody hell we’re not on this earth for long, let’s make the most of it.


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