Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

I’m back with some more Monday motivation, I really wasn’t feeling life today, but the thought of being able to wear this beaut made me all happy again.

I picked up this little gem whilst I was in Sainsburys 2 weeks ago and I have worn it far more than I wish to own up to. It was a steal at £22 and I got 25% percent off *insert sassy girl emoji* so it was basically free.

It comes in 2 parts the t-shirt and the pinaforey/dress thing. I’ve since worn it as it comes and also with a striped top underneath and both looked pretty cute (if I do say so myself) It could also work with a roll neck, obvs, because almost anything can work with a roll neck underneath.

I’ve also wore it with a selection of shoes (the beaut grey ones in the pic) which I took off after 4 minutes because they are high and uncomfortable, some patent sandals with frilly socks and some babing chelsea boots, also with a frilly socks, coz winter is coming.

I’ve scoured the internet to find this babe online, but I just can’t seem to see it **edit just looked again today and I’ve found it, wahoooo! You can also head to your nearest store to try and pick up this bargain Monday Motivation buy.


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