Monday Motivation

Bit late to the party today, but today has been one of those days and I’ve only just sat down (well apart from all day at work).

There are sales on everywhere…. and thats just not good for me right now, because we all know my willpower is weak enough as it is. I went browsing a few weeks ago and browsing inevitably turned into buying, 3 pairs of dungarees in the sale to be precise. So I actually didn’t save any money, but I am taking one pair back.

I have always been wary about dungarees as I feel like they are basically a casual body con dress if you get my drift? Very exposing, but I have wanted some for so long and i’m trying to embrace my body, so I took the plunge.

I admit I have only wore them once for an hour to walk to Morrisons and Hobbycraft (glamorous) to try and build up my confidence in them and I felt about 62% sassy, which is in an improvement to the first time I wore them, walked around the flat, laid on the bed and then took them off, however I did feel like everyone was looking at me and I kept trying to look in mirrors and windows to make sure I didn’t have some sort of camel toe overtaking my body….. I don’t think I did.

So if you dare the embrace the dunger get yourself over to new look, there are only a few sizes left…. happy shopping!

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