Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

I have decided (on a whim obvs) that I am going to find something spectacularly special every week and label it a must buy for the week. I of course do not need any encouragement to buy things and I feel this will somewhat fuel by addiction to all things lovely, oh well, don’t care. I’m desperately trying to include something that isn’t embroidery based because I bored on about it for far to long in my last post so I’m going to stick to one of my other loves…. animal print, well leopard print to be precise.

This week the award goes to New Look ***FANFARE***. Now I have a flat and all that boring shit I like to have a little browse on New Look and I have to say they have some little gems. I will now hang my head in shame for previously bypassing them and heading straight to my bae Topshop.

I found this little dress on ASOS (shock) and they have styled it so much better  on their website than on the New Look website, honestly it looks pretty average online, but it’s not, promise. It is working a pleat, which is so in right now and it’s leopard print which is just my fave (well one of), and it is midi, yep, yep and yes frigging please. It’s a bargain at only £19.99 and basically I would rather not eat for a week (okay 3 days) and buy this dress which will work itself into every one of my winter outfits, I’m thinking big hat, I’m thinking nice little tan Chelsea boot and it could even work with a little roll neck underneath **it doesn’t – I tried it on Saturday**




Bag yourself a bargain beaut RIGHT NOW – here

 PS new look have also got 20% off discount ATM so it would be rude not to huh? Add “20FORYOU” at the checkout to get some pennies off!!!

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