My 5 (8) Summer MUST Haves

My 5 (8) Summer MUST Haves

This is merely a wish list (sigh) because I’m poor and can’t afford to buy anything delicious right now that isn’t electric, gas or council tax. FYI this started as 5 items and somehow escalated to 8.

1. Primark Mirrored Round Sunnies

£3 £3 £3 – sorry, but can you believe that……£3!!!

And aren’t they just so swoonworthy. I always have to have a cheap pair of sunnies especially for holiday, because, well lets face it, I am THE clumsiest person in the word. I was casually standing outside primark last week and these starting winking at my from inside the shop….. I had no other option than to march right over and purchase them instantly. Ps I’ve lost these already, my mum is right, I do lose everything, maybe one day I will become an adult (debateable).

 Mirrored Sunnies

2. Essex Beauty Patrol – Fluffy Sliders £20

I defy anyone to tell me they don’t NEED a pair of fluffy sliders in their life and these are just beaut. I can just imagine myself sashaying around the pool in these bad boys…. These beige ones are my fluff of choice, but they come in a delectable range of colours

 Cream Fluffs


3. Asos Black maxi Dress £30 – Now out of stock **walks into corner and cries**

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t wear black! Not only does it drain me, but why oh why wear black when there are so many other colours in the rainbow. I am very close to crumbling with this dress, look at it, so pretty and floatys and summery and oh just all round lovely.

Floral dress

4. Asos (again) straw floppy hat – now in the sale £18 – £10.50

This hat has also got black on it….. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME! It is pretty cute though huh? Just imagine gin in hand, hat on head, some sort of tassels coming from some part of my outfit and my sexy mirrored sunnies (above) oh match made in heaven.

 Straw Hat

5. Original Beach Baskets Green Pom Pom beach bag £55 FREE DELIVERY

LOOK, its green and its pom pomy and its straw and everything I could ever dream of in a beach bag and its free delivery…. Surely that’s a deal breaker. They also had them in blue (beaut), grey (delicious) and other sexy colours. This lovely lady also makes sequined and tassel straw beach bags, but the pom pom ones are my fave.

I can’t put a picture up because it’s not working for some reason and its stressing me out… but you can’t check out the beautifullness on their insty page.

6. Laura Ralph two piece £28

Sorry, but don’t let anybody to tell you that you don’t need one of these sets in your lives…. you don’t need that sort of negativity in your life sister. Look its floral and fun and cute and a co-ord set and just gives me life ya know? There are so many different designs and patterns to choose from its just a little bit of sweet tasting heaven looking at her website, oh and she’s an independent seller….. the best sort.

 Lara Ralp 2 piece


7. H&M Red Bomber Jacket £39.99

Soooooo, any of you who know me, knows I have an intense love/hate relationship with H&M. I hate the mess and the inconsistent sizing and the piles of crap, but sometimes you find a lovely little gem and it just enhances your life tenfold, this jacket is one of these beauties….. and I actually bought it (naughty me). Whenever I buy things from H&M I never admit it to my friends because I moan about it ALL THE TIME, but they can always tell from the little glint in my eye and the smirk on my face.

Bomber Jacket

8. H&M Embrodered Pink Blouse £19.99

Hello my name is Ashleigh and I have an obsession with shirts and blouses and I’m Ok with that. Look at this, who wouldn’t want it in their wardrobe. It’s sort of hillbilly country star crossed with cutesy pink loveliness. I want it and I want it NOW!

Pink Blouse.png


Can we all just hope and dream that extra sterling miraculously appears in my bank account this month so I can purchase these little pieces of lusciousness. Pray for me gals!!!!


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