My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Today is Mental Health Awareness day and I thought it was apt to post this little something, something. Since having so many sad things to mull over and over in my head recently, I’ve oh so easily forgot about all the things that make me happy. This morning when working from  home (something that makes me VERY happy) I grabbed my favourite mug out of the cupboard to make a brew and I suddenly thought how happy a cuppa out this mug makes my face beam. Fast forward 224 hours and the birth of “my happy place” a list of  things that make my heart sing and remember that everything is alright with the world. 


You get in the car, turn on the radio by some sort of bloody miracle/fate/sliding doors moment one of your favourite songs is playing so you crank it right up boy racer style….. although not sure boy racers are that into spice girls, Florence and the machine and musicals.


You’ve got nothing scheduled for your evening apart from binge watching Power, killing Eve, Grace and Frankie insert your favourite box set here. You get in from work and get the comfies on instantly, throw on an XXXL leopard print dressing gown and pull on a pair of fluffy socks that you obviously got as a stocking filler and you’re set for the night. A snuggly sofa throw is always a welcomed addition.

Fairy Lights

Yes they may drain batteries quicker than a incessantly used vibrator, but there is nothing cosier than setting yourself up for an evening in (wine or gin in hand), dimming the lights and switching on the glittery fairy lights.

Bed Days

I love nothing more than having a bed day. Lounging about in PJ’s all day, drinking copious cups of tea, watching Sunday Brunch and eating all 3 meals from the comfort of my bed.

Homebaked Goods

Not sure there is much better than walking into the office and Val has baked bread again… yes that’s a real thing, (some of) my colleagues are better than yours. She gets up at 4am sometimes just to treat us and brings in bread and cheese to go with it for gods sake. You also can’t beat walking into a kitchen and smelling sausage rolls, cakes or something wonderful, home cooking comes from the heart and you can taste that all the way through.

The Cold Side of The Pillow

Need I explain any more? Even better if you’ve got one leg out over the quilt and you’ve got someone to cuddle. 


Seeing an animal when going about your daily business is every sort of wonderful. You smile at the dog and smile over at the owner and have a little moment, your day has been improved tenfold and the owner is well smug because they know you want to steal your dog.


A really good cuddle… you know the ones I mean where they hold you really tight and they are not too long and not too short and you can nuzzle into their neck and smell them. Whether it’s from your mum, your grandad, your partner or your best friends a hug can instantly melt away all the shit or the warm comfort can allow tears to slowly roll down your cheeks. 

Who, what, where takes you to your happy place?

Some people aren’t as lucky as us and all of the happiest things in the world can’t allow them to escape their own thoughts. If you are suffering, please, please, please speak to someone, it doesn’t have to be someone you know, or a healthcare professional, or if you feel comfortable it could be both of those people. You can also call or text the Samaritans. Please don’t be alone, the first time you reach out to someone is always the hardest. 

My Happy Place

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