My New Boo Shoes

My New Boo Shoes

I’m currently on a spending ban, self-imposed because I’m a nightmare and I’m, going to  Thailand in 4 weeks and have no money, YAY!

However, somehow that didn’t stop me when I stumbled across the most boo of shoes on Sunday whilst in Primark.

I’m not a snob, but I am also not a Primark shopper, however since mortgage and life and adulting got in the way I’ve been frequenting the establishment more often. I was actually looking for some harem pants for holiday, because ya know, I want to look all boho and backpackery on my travels, but they didn’t have any I liked in my size. Then the shoes happened. The metallic blue sucked me in initially then I spotted the gold buckle and the loafer style and I was sold…. and to soften the blow, they were only £8.

I have to admit I put then on today and they my feet are dying a little everytime I walk, but I don’t care, because that’s what plasters were created for right?

The best thing about these shoes is they come in  4 different colour, yes, 4! White, gold, pink and the delightful blue and the price tag is just delightful. So go on, treat yourself on this bright, sunny Monday and chuck a pair (or all 4) into your basket, you can thank me later.



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