My New Look Haul

My New Look Haul

I’ve been neglecting you all and I am ever so sorry for that, but life has seriously been getting in the way and I’ve had zero time to dedicate to the blog, sad face.

However on the plus side I have had a little time to do some spending. Christmas is coming and this year I’ve had to buy a tree (10ft obvs because i can’t have a 6ft one like normal people) and decorations too, so I had promised myself I wouldn’t myself any clothes in December…… guess what, I failed!

I fell into newlook last Saturday and they have got 50% OFF SO MUCH STUFF. I had grabbed a copper roll neck within 14 seconds of entering the shop (£6.49) and things rapidly went downhill. All I’m going to say is that 3 of my friends work in New Look and they were there…. and they encouraged, no fault of mine, nuh uh sista.

Next thing that slipped into my greasy little hands was a grey turtle neck, which was full price at £9.99, I did need one and at that price I really couldn’t resist. I tried on yesterday and it looks pretty sassy too, especially with some dark skinny jeans and my silver moon boots.

Then something bad happened my ridiculous leopard print obsession took over and the coat of dreams made its way onto my body and hasn’t left since. Reduced from £54.99 to £27.49 it was a neccessary purchase and I will wear it until I die. Lets just call it an advent present to me, from me.

Shop these beautys here and you may find some other gems whilst you are at it, I haven’t even dare look on the website!



  1. December 6, 2016 / 6:53 pm

    LOVE – especially the leopard print coat – Happy Christmas to you! xxx

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