My new love, Embroidery

My new love, Embroidery

So, I know we all love summer (YAY!) but the thought of being able to get all cosy for winter just makes me so excited. I’m talking fur, I’m talking bobble hats, I’m talking scarves and I’m basically just talking anything that I can add to my person that enhances my outfit.

This post was meant to be about 3 favourite trends for Autumn/Winter, however I’ve sort of caught up in embroidery and now I can see no way out….. so this is going to solely be about stitching, sounds a bit boring when I say it like that. I’ve also just realised there was heavy embroidery influence on my last post, which you can (I think) find on this little link here

Oh sweet mary, Joseph and Jesus (like my Christmas reference?) there is so much about. I have to shamefully admit that embroidery hasn’t really crossed my mind before and now I literally can’t stop thinking about it…. it is everywhere and I’m okay with it, although my bank balance isn’t, BORE. Sooooo just FYI I am a fanatic searcher…. usually my ASOS searches include “sparkly” “leopard print” and “gold” however when I put embroidered in today it brought up 769 items, hello dream. Scuse me whilst I just spend the next 2 days swooning and finding the best bits:

1.Everyone and I mean Everyone (who is anyone) is talking about this jacket, so I just had to add it. Look at it, just spend one sweet minute of your life to absorb the perfectness of this jacket, and its newlook, and it’s only £39.99, and it is oversized and denim and well lets be honest, if I had a boyfriend, he would look like this jacket.

The babe has disappeared from the New Look website, but you can still do a sneaky and get it on ASOS… you can thank me later

Au revior


2. I know I’ve said I don’t do black, blah blah blah, but these just had to be included in this blog, because they are filled with loveliness. One of the great things about winter is boots, who the hell does not live for a little dress, tights and an ankle boot combo.

They come in at £85 and we are all kidding ourselves when we say “that’s ok because I will definitely wear them next year” (because we won’t) but I think they are so worth it and these little boo boo’s can be bought from Miss Selfridge…. or ASOS obvs.


3. This next little peach is the one…. do you know what? There is not much else I need to say. Think bright red polo neck underneath, tights and a denim jacket on top and that right there is the dream.

Sometimes you have to be a bit careful with boohoo as it can look a bit cheap… because it is, so this one will have to be a case of order and pray. This stunner can be bagged for £25.

Pinafore dress


4. Yes, I’ve got a shirt problem, it is just a thing, I wonder if they have classes for that? I went shopping on Saturday ad Zara had two babing embroidered shirts, however my Zara online now doesn’t seem to be working….. which is never  ideal ya’know, so I can’t out the links or see how much they are? I thought it may be some sort of neglect if I didn’t inform you about them. I think we can learn from this though, so something you like, buy it, because you never know, one day you might go to buy it and your Zara website isn’t working.

5. I need these jeans, urgently. They are all I could ever dream of in a jean. Great colour, Check. Great detail, Check. Great fit, Check. Not ridiculously overpriced, Check. Sign me up right now. These beauts are in Topshop with 3 different colours (I think) and are basically free at only £58

topshop jeans

So basically to sum up, my Autumn/Winter is going to be a bright and colourful stiching extravaganza, and I will spend the next couple of days pondering about whether an embroidered jean and an embroidered shirt is ok hun, or if it is a step too far. If you have found any beauts or have the links to those peachey shirts from Zara, hook me up with a comment below.




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