National Afternoon Tea Week

National Afternoon Tea Week

I’m pretty sure this isn’t much of a secret but in case you weren’t aware, I love food, all food (apart from weird stuff like tomato ketchup and liver), but  I have to say I do have a particular penchant for afternoon tea!

Other than the food (obvs), I love how quintessential English it is and the elegance that surrounds it. I’m a traditional/vintage sort of girl with enough vintage teacups to sink a ship, so walking into a quaint little teashop just sends me wild.

I’d describe myself as an afternoon tea connoisseur (if I do say so myself) because I love food, I love vintage, I’ve had sooooo many and I’m a perfectionist. I had my own vintage tea party for my 21st birthday for god sakes, which included bell jars of homemade cocktails….. which not so elegantly gave me alcohol poisoning #thuglife. I’ve also been to The Ritz for afternoon tea and oh that really was the life for me.

So on Tuesday me and my gal pal Vic wandered along to The Mardle in Lound, Suffolk for a pre-booked afternoon tea and boy, oh boy was I excited. I have been making a conscious effort (eye roll) to be healthy and I knew this was the excuse I’ve been begging for to go wild…..and I did. They had an option of sweet afternoon tea, savoury or both and Vic had taken the wonderful liberty of deciding on both, get the banners out, this gal’s a keeper. Just FYI you do have to pre-book your afternoon tea and pay a deposit, no turning up all unannounced.

First impressions were good, the vintage crockery was all laid out ready to go and I could see the array of wondrous cakes on view and there were some delightful whiffs of warm cheese and sausage rolls, oh god, heaven. And then it arrived, a two tiered slate cake stand with all the delights you could wish for: Warm cheese scone, warm homemade sausage roll, warm homemade quiche, a selection of sannies, warm plain scones with cream and jam, strawberry meringue, rocky road, brownie, lemon posset and a large slab of my fave, vicky sponge. Note my addiction to saying warm because with an afternoon tea IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT! Well dare I say it, there was too much food, but as always the delight of afternoon tea is you get to take away your leftovers. My highlights were all the savouries, the vicky sponge and the rocky road, all ever so droolworthy. The sandwiches were nice but I would have been much happier with an egg mayo rather than a tuna cucumber, that’s not very afternoon tea is it?

Other positives include: loose tea (more traditional dahling), sugar cubes (just how it should be) and the warmness of the scones and savoury items and of course the vintage crockery (dreamy).

And of course the negatives: Some of the cake choices weren’t necessarily traditional, but nice all the same and I would have preferred better sandwich fillings, but I suppose that’s just down to personal preference. And also the sugar tongs were plastic, erm scuzzy no, I’m not accepting that!

All in all I had a wonderful time and would definitely recommend and at a price of £12.95, how can you refuse! They don’t have a website but can be found on Facebook!


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