The “New Year, New Me” Hype

The “New Year, New Me” Hype

HNY – Guess what? I woke up today and I’ve not changed….. 2018 has not suddenly turned me into a teetotal, vegan, do-gooder (the same as every year). Far from it actually and that’s just how I like it. I really admire people who see the new year as a fresh start or a clean slate, however I prefer to see it as a continuation of the previous year.

The pressure of resolutions sets people up to fail, I resolve to lose 10lbs (which you achieve, but then you eat a five guys and put 6lbs back on and then end up in a never ending circle of self-loathing and dieting and bingeing, woahhh, soz went off on a tangent there) . Last year I set myself some goals, things I’d like to achieve, but also some things I’d just love to do. This year my goals are of the same ilk and if they don’t happen then so be it, but each of them if achieved should make me a better person or at least make me feel better about myself.

Be Brave

I have to say I do engage in some risky business… remember that time I moved 200 miles away to Portsmouth or that time I bought a flat on my own? But this year I want to be brave in aspects of life I want to soar in:

my blog, I want to reach out to people and I want to say “scuzzy, me here, how about you do a collaboration with me” which to me, takes a lot of confidence, because I’m sitting here thinking, “hun, why would they wanna collab with you?” This year I’m going to be brave a put myself out there a bit more, because you never know what might happen.

I also want to be brave in life, challenge people and behaviours I don’t agree with, explore places I’ve never been too. Be brave and say no to people….. because yes I do want to go out for dinner for the 14th time this week, but my bank balance/credit card is praying I say no and compromise with something cheaper. So if I say no to you this year, please be kind to me, because I got a whole lotta stuff going on and I need to focus my priorities.

Worry Less

When we were drunk at 12:01am on New Years Day we went round the group and asked “what we’d like to do differently in 2018” and someone said worry less and it really struck a chord with me. I am the ultimate worrier over the most absurd things and its unnecessary and unhealthy. This year I’m going to put each worry into perspective and really work out whether it is worth the worry, if not the worry is going straight in the bin and onwards and upwards…. simple.


I’m a bad gal at keeping in contact with my friends, ideally I need a rota on who to contact on what day, just to ya know keep in the loop. I love my friends dearly but unfortunately I’m often the one who receives the “how are you” message rather than sending it and once in a while I want to send that message. Because my friends are so dear to me and although they are forever in my mind, I often forget to reach out to them, but this year I’m gonna try real hard to be a good little girl.

I also want to connect blogwise – get involved with people and really support others with their blog, because what’s nicer than being nice? Maybe make some blogging friends, although that feels VERY SCARY to me….. but we will see. Connect with local blogging events and see where it takes me, it’s giving me a nervous bubbling tummy just thinking about it.

Go Technology Free

Yes, a stark contrast to the above point, but I really want to go tech free one night a week, which is hard because I am glued to my phone, my main excuse is because “I’m a blogger yah and can’t miss out on anything in the blogging world” but in reality just because I’ve got into that awful social media hole and I wanna get the fuck out. What the hell am I missing in the real world when I’m face down, thumbs scrolling? So one night a week (maybe 2 if I’m feeling fly) to step away from blogging and socials and to look after me. Baths, facemasks, a walk and cooking something delicious, a film or just something juicy on the TV and spending time with loved ones.

Take More Photos

My wonderful boo bought me a polaroid for Christmas and I’ve fallen in love with it every time I’ve taken a shot, it captures a moment instantly and all the shots are wonderfully vintage. I’m going to make it a priority to have a stock of film at all times so I can take all the photos and display them around the flat. I also want to take more photos in general and capture the wonderfulness of this world, my loves and food (ha) because by George, we are lucky little duckies to be alive. There will also hopefully be more outfit photos….. because *I think* people seem to like them, maybe 1 a week, but we’ll see because come summer I’ll have no-one to take them and I feel so awkward asking my friends, lol.

Be Myself

Okay this is going to be the most challenging and it is a yearly goal, because I always feel like I’ve failed. Feel happy and healthy and confident in my own skin. My boo bought me the most amazing book from @bodyposipanda on Instagram, which I can not wait to get stuck into – a book all about feeling comfortable and confident and breaking down the poor relationship we have with food and then building back up a healthy relationship. My only concern is I’ve put on weight every year and I don’t want to feel so relaxed I put on even more weight….. but I suppose we will have to watch this space. There will be no unrealistic goals from me about weight loss, just a pact to fill myself up with foods that make me feel good and give me energy, but also not to restrict myself. I want to walk or run every day (min 1k, which is very achievable) and If I can build things up from there. I’m in a very bad place at the moment with nutrition and exercise but things can only get better when you’re at the bottom.

So lets get to it and smash 2018, I’ve got the most wonderful year in store, with weddings, big birthdays and holidays galore.


  1. January 7, 2018 / 10:29 pm

    I got the Happy Journal for Christmas and I’m finding it’s really helping me to end each day on a positive note.

    • Ashleigh
      January 7, 2018 / 10:31 pm

      I agree, such a good way to channel the positives x

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