(Non) Independent Woman

(Non) Independent Woman

All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me….. wait, my hands not up. (Can we just lol at the fact I had to google the lyrics as got a bit stuck after “hands up”)

It’s 11:28am and I’ve just had a stark realisation, I’m not an independent female, I may talk a good game, but this bitch hasn’t got her independent shit together. Shall I tell you how I got to this conclusion? This time next week I will be on a flight to Thailand and I am stressed and unprepared, why I hear you cry, and the sole reason is because my mum’s not here…. she’s currently living it up in Thailand and she isn’t here to help me pack my suitcase. People may take this moment to be mean about me being a spoilt little prinny, but this shit is serious. Not only has my mum packed my suitcase for every single holiday I’ve ever been on in my life (she even came down to Portsmouth to help before me and my ex went to Spain! Yep, that’s a 400 mile round trip) she also organises what I need to pack and generally buys it for me too!

I work full-time in a pretty stressful job and therefore I will just text mum and ask her to pick up this and that without a second thought, however when I’ve actually had to get stuff myself this week I’ve realised what a chore it is. I’ve been to B&M twice (first time I forgot I was going for suntan lotion and ended up buying some sweetcorn, an air freshener and some cheese). I’ve also got to go to Primark for essentials and have to buy make-up and toiletries too, scuzzy if anyone can tell me how normal working people fit all this in, I’ll be eternally grateful.

The thought of packing a suitcase/rucksack is making me feel physically sick and I don’t even know where to start – I’ve had nightmares about it for the past week and 2 nights ago I dreamt I arrived in thailand with no knickers because I didn’t have time to pack them. It doesn’t help that I’m in court 2 days next week for work and then I’m basically off on my holidays.

So, I’ve got a plan – I have already written a list, but it is not good enough. I am going to write the Gryfindor of all lists and get my shit together. I am going to write shops I’ve got to go to, things I’ve got to buy and what I’m going to pack and I do you know what, I’m going to put it in categories and colour code it, yuh huh. Not actually sure when I am going to fit this in but I’m doing it….. I’VE GOT TO! Otherwise I may not even make it to Thailand!


Side note – big shout out to my parents who usually do all this stuff for me without a second thought, I didn’t really appreciate it until this moment right now. Ps. Please don’t go on holiday ever again, thanks.

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