Life Lessons: Are People Obsessed with ‘Finding Love’?

Life Lessons: Are People Obsessed with ‘Finding Love’?

Since I’ve dropped the news that I’m heading off to Oz (read more about that here) so many people of different ages, male and female, family and friends have said to me “ohhhh hopefully you’ll meet someone lovely out there and you’ll find love” and it made me think, are people obsessed with finding love? Do people think that’s why I fleeing the country?

If that’s what you do think, the answer is no.

I’m not offended that people have said this to me, but crazy I know, but I’m not actually going to Australia to find love. I’m not going to be city hopping to prey down some innocent soul and try and make them fall in love with me. I’m going to Australia for myself, to find myself, do some searching and to (hopefully) have an absolutely wonderful adventure.

I want to meet new people (although I pretend I hate being sociable) and broaden my horizons. Growing up in a sleepy town on the coast doesn’t allow you to meet people from all walks of life/cultures/countries and I feel that’s something missing in my life.

With the years slipping away and nearing the big 30, naturally 99.9% of my friendship group have partners and husbands and wives and babies and all that shit and although it makes you feel sad and lonely at times (especially if you’re the only single, pringle so going out is never on anyone’s agenda and sitting in bed drinking wine is the only option.) It is also fucking great to be your own boss, not have anyone to answer to and most importantly learn to love yourself.

There’s that age old saying that people spout out to you all the time “you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you” which I think is 90% bullshit, but I think it’s damn right that we all need to fall in love with ourselves a bit more.

We need to fall in love over and over again with how clumsy we are, or how one eye goes wangy when taking a selfie or how god damn wonderful we are. Wonderful for carrying on in times of adversity and austerity. For being able bodied. For being a kind and intelligent soul. For having the ability to make people laugh until they cry and you just being you.

So, when people tell me in future, I might find love in Oz, I may rotate a variety of answers including:

  • “I’ve already found it in myself thanks”
  • “I’m going to find myself, not love”
  • “I hope not because it’ll royally fuck up my plans”

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