Oh Baby Baby, It’s a Wild World

Oh Baby Baby, It’s a Wild World

Well it’s all gone a bit mad out there hasn’t it?

Things appear to have gone from zero to hero pretty quickly and I think it’s left all of us feeling confused, bewildered, worried and stressed.

I can’t put things into words as powerfully and eloquently other people have, but I’ve got a lot of things in my head that I need to get out.

I read something earlier today, which made a whole lot of sense.

” I am constantly feeling like I’m over or under reacting, sometimes at the same time” and that is hella baffling.

It’s ok to feel like that, it is ok to not cease the day whilst isolating. Nobody is going to look down on you for failing to learn how to juggle or not practicing 528 moves from the karma Sutra…. although, I’m not that I’m sure there are that many moves in the Karma Sutra to begin with.

Do what you need to do to process this craziness. I sure as hell know if I was in isolation I’d be snuggling with my flat mate (even though she wouldn’t wanna be snuggling me), wearing my pj’s all day, washing trash TV and eating chocolate.

Sometimes being over the other side of the world feels fine, sometimes you can really tell you are the other side of the world.

This week has been a tough one, it started with a mass exodus of any item of fresh fruit and veg, milk and every other item known to man. I’ve spent each day wandering around supermarkets on my lunch break and after work feeling completely overwhelmed that I can’t buy anything to put together an make a meal. Upset that people are going mad and being selfish.

I’ve spent each day with high levels of anxiety that I am going to lose my job, which isn’t great when you have a week to find somewhere to live and moving costs a lot of money. I have however found somewhere to live so that’s one less thing to worry about, unless I actually do lose my job and then I’m fucked. 

I’ve looked at flights home approx. 726 times, knowing full well I can’t leave the country unless I apply for a different visa and god knows how long that would take in the current climate. I’ve dreamed of arriving home and surprising everyone and getting a cuddle from mum and Grandad. The reality is I’ll be stuck in isolation for a few weeks, not knowing when I will be allowed back into Australia.

I’ve spent days obsessing over stats and figures and articles. Today I’ve not refreshed the guardian every 54 seconds to check what updates are going on, because it made me feel mentally unwell, so there’s no point putting myself through that any more.

With schools closing, people losing jobs, weddings and holidays being cancelled and postponed, let us take a moment to celebrate the positive news that has come out of all this, because ain’t nobody got time to dwell on all this doom and gloom:


The Norwegian Prime Minister holding a press conference for kids to help them understand – no you’re crying.

People giving their bag of pasta or 4 pack of toilet rolls to someone more in need.

Self Isolation cards for people to fill in so others can support them.

Supporting local businesses, that may not recover from this. Support doesn’t have to be spending money. It could be liking or sharing one of their social media posts, or offering one skill in exchange for another. 

Free coffees and pizza and hand lotion for key workers….. that shit is the sort of kindness that makes the world go round. 


Broadway and Westend shows being shown online for free.

Free live zoo viewing – yes I did spend 67% of my working day waiting for snow leopards to come into view and the other 32% watching them play with the camera and snuggle (the other 1% I spent working) my favourite I’ve called Tabitha.

A moment of stillness.

Enjoying time with your kids/family/partner/housemates.

A seat on public transport.

Moments of creativity – actually allowing your brain and mind to wander, might just end up creating some magical things.


Learning a new skill.

Learning a new skill – maybe I’d get round to that language learning I keep promising myself I’m going to do.

Spending hours in the kitchen, if you can get the ingredients that is.

Time to rewind and reset.

Wonderful moments

Supermarkets opening 1 hour early for the elderly and vulnerable.

Italians singing songs/playing instruments/dancing on their balconies.

Governments paying wages and suspending utility fees.

Celebrities creating funny and silly videos to keep us entertained.

Clear flowing water through the canals in Venice – fishes swimming and swans returning.

Maybe this is a lesson to us all, sometimes things get too much. Sometimes you have to reassess and reset and fuck me the situation we’re in is dire. However, maybe this is exactly what is meant for each of us right now to remind us all what life is about and the things that should be appreciated.

Finally lets give a standing ovation to the real heroes ATM, the hospital staff and other emergency services, the teachers, the cleaners, the shelf stackers, the cabin crew getting people home, the receptionists, the hospitality staff, we salute you.  



  1. Kirsty Blowers
    March 20, 2020 / 7:28 am

    As always you bring a tear to my eye. This is a tough time, especially for loved ones who are not near. My parents are only up the road but feel a million miles away because of being in isolation. Working in a school feels weird, from 430 pupils to less than 250 to support. We are staying open for vulnerables and Boris approved families which is absolutely the right thing to do.

    Ashleigh, keep looking at your snow leopards, it’s good for the soul and your mind.

    Kirsty Blowers xx

    • Ashleigh
      March 24, 2020 / 4:34 am

      Thanks Kirsty and sorry for bringing tears to your eyes once again!

      I’m also working in a school and remaining open for the time being, it is all very up in the air and a scary time.

      As you said it is hard to be away from family, but even harder when they are down the road and you can’t see them.

      Ps. Yes, you’re right, the snow leopards are keeping me very happy.

      Ashleigh x

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