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A pink and orange sunrise over fields

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Farm life has well and truly kicked me in the balls, I’m struggling to even function most days, let alone get these ole fingers moving to write a blog post. But I’ve found a slice of time so I thought I’d give you a little life update.

**Spoiler alert** I AM A HAPPY GAL.

Something kind of wonderful happened today. After working six days in a row and getting up for work this morning (after being a good girl and not going out last night) I was told I wasn’t needed. Although quite pissed off I got out of bed at 6am again, I was grateful I could finally do some washing, oh how glamorous. 

I’m sitting here in the laundrette, with it’s amazing WiFi doing some contemplating. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, this place really is an emotional rollercoaster. You spend every day wondering what work you’ll be doing that day, whether you’ll finish on time, when you’re going to have your next day off and whether your trainers will get wet and muddy as soon as you get out of the car….. the answer is always yes to that question by the way. 

You live with people you work with and spend about 12 hours a day with one another and even longer if you’re shacking up with someone in the hostel. The bond you make in such a short time is pretty unbreakable and I find it hard to imagine what life will be like when I’m not sharing my bedroom with 7 other babes, having a love island screening with 20 other people or cooking burgers with the crew.

Since I’ve been in Griffith I’ve celebrated Eid, worked in a winery, at a tree surgery, been given free salmon and a glass of wine after doing cleaning for some random man, had my lurpak stolen, made friends with Veronica the cat and seen sunrises galore (I know I go on about them a lot). If you’d have asked me a year ago what I’d be doing today, I can for sure tell you that I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be doing all of the above and be living in Australia grafting for my second year visa. It wasn’t even a tiny dream in my head and look where we are.

4 months in Australia and the best experiences (good and bad) I could ever ask for, friends for a lifetime, a full heart, a happy head and a mind full of excitement about the next adventure…. summer in Melbourne is sounding pretty nice, although I won’t be done in this place any time soon.


    • Ashleigh
      August 2, 2019 / 11:01 pm

      Jess, I’m so sorry, I thought I’d replied to this.

      I’m having the time of my life and would recommend it to anyone. Farmwork is really hard, but I’ve met the most amazing group of people.

      Good luck with your saving.

      Ashleigh x

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