The Oz Blog – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane

The Oz Blog – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane

Was I absolute buzzing to hold a koala? Yes. Was I slightly underwhelmed when I actually held said koala? Unfortunately yes.

Everyone we have met is oz have been so frigging kind, they randomly say hello and ask how you are. If you are looking at a map in the train station they will just come over and help you, which is bloody unheard of in the Uk and I’ve loved every single minute of it and I think it’s made me a better person already.

The lady who was my koala handler (or whatever you call them) was the least kind person Ive met so far and that made me sad. I’d already cried whilst standing in the queue because I was so excited.

When it was my turn I eagerly stepped on the footsteps as asked and awaited my time with my main man. At first she told me off for talking to loudly to him, I only said g’day for gods sake, however I do understand I can be quite loud sometimes, what can I say, I’m an excitable creature, so I took that on the chin and politely said sorry.

I stood with my arms carefully in the position instructed and waited for her to offer me a job because of how much of a natural I am, spoiler alert, It didn’t happen. The koala lady told me I was trying to hug him to much and I was doing it all wrong and she was going to have to get me another koala. Erm Hun of course I’m trying to hug him, I want him to be mine for forever and a day and I love him, so yes, I am trying to hug him. Sorry for not being enough of a tree.

I stand there like a naughty little school child awaiting my new koala. When the babe arrived I’m pretty sure he loved me and definitely tried to kiss me on the lips, but the scary woman wouldn’t stand away from me as obviously thought I was some koala thrower and it made the experience a bit meh.

Also the “professional” photo was wank, which also made me grumpy.

Every other aspect was amazing and seeing the koalas just chilling in the tress and feeding the kangaroos were definitely highlights, but paying $25 for my shit koala photo with evil eye woman watching over me clouded it a bit. Maybe I expected too much, hey, you know me, always left disappointed.

Other stuff to know

Entry: $38

Holding a koala: $25

Getting to and from the sanctuary: we took the 445 there and the 430 back which takes you directly into the park and pick you up there too. Both go through central Brisbane

Koalas actually smell of eucalyptus, which kind of smells like weed so the whole place basically just smells of weed.

Take lots of snacks and fill up your water bottles because prices are cray cray once you get in.

I’d definitely recommend a visit, but just bear in mind a hug with a koala will only last a few moments.

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