The Oz Blog – Tasmania: The Ultimate 7 Day Road Trip Itinerary

The Oz Blog – Tasmania: The Ultimate 7 Day Road Trip Itinerary

When my parents came over to visit me in Melbourne, both my mum and I (from across the ocean) had the same idea that Tasmania would be an absolutely ideal little adventure for the week, to split up the hustle and bustle of Melbourne.

We managed to bag flights for $150 (£75) return from Melbourne and decided on a 7 day motor home trip and boy oh boy did we have some fun, ate some wonderful food, drunk some goooood wine and saw some wonderful sights.

Day 1

Hobart to Coles Bay

We arrived Sunday afternoon around 4pm – in hindsight if I went again I would take an earlier flight as Melbourne airport is so close to the CBD you only have to leave 2 hours before your flight and you then get a full day in Tassie.

I wanted to get straight on the road and head to Coles Bay so we were ready for a full day of fun when we woke up.

The camper van was interesting to begin with, with lots of knobs and drawers falling out and me being too small to reach the handbrake without practically laying on the floor. Hilariously (not) Mum somehow forgot to bring her driving licence and Dad point blank refused to drive, so I had to be the designated driver for the entire trip, little swines. Although they did repay me by feeding me wine and food.

It took us 2.5 hours to get to Coles Bay and around 8:30pm (after a few stops to ohh and ahh at the sights and a few wrong turns). I know it was a Sunday but there was literally nothing open for food, so I grumpily sat and at a cheese topped roll and some beans we’d luckily picked up from Woolies in Hobart.


Day 2

Freycinet (National Park) Wineglass bay

Waking up in Coles Bay was such a highlight (minus the 94mph winds), we opened the curtains and could see the most wonderful view of the bay. 

We the headed to the National Park and decided against purchasing a National Parks pass ($60 for 8 weeks) as I knew the parents would struggle with all the hiking and shit, but I’d say it is definitely good value for money.


The beach/bay here is ridiculous. We were the only ones wandering about and I honestly felt like I was wandering along a Caribbean beach, the sea was azul blue and the sand pearly white. 

We headed to Pasini’s for a little coffee stop, which was great and the breakfasts also looked insane.

St Helens

You can not go to Tassie without eating the delectable seafood they have on offer. We headed to Parkside Bar and Kitchen and ate a real good seafood platter. There were scallops and smoked salmon, oysters…. basically the whole shebang and we were left stuffed and satisfied. 

Head to the Lifebuoy Café if you’re in the area. A café twisted with an antique shop. It’s adorable and their coffee is GOOD.

Bay of Fires

Lovely little sight to behold, but possibly, controversially I preferred both Bicheno and St Helens. 


Day 3

Lavender Fields – Unfortunately Mr google said this place was free, so we drove about 2 hours out of the way for a little wander and a photoshoot (obviously). When we got there it was $10 each to get in, Wayne willingly handed over the money surprisingly, but did not look impressed when we got in there and I didn’t blame him to be honest. It was very underwhelming, the lavender bushes came up to about my shin and weren’t the flourishing beauties I imagined. We did however get a lavender ice cream and that was rather nice. I’ll just say, I certainly wouldn’t go back. 

Tamar Valley Wine Region – Main days of business Thursday – Monday

This place is ridiculous, next time I’m staying here for at least 2 nights and doing a little wine tour. It is stunning and I will shout about it all day long thank you very much. 

A lot of the places were shut but we ended up finding Tamar ridge. Nestled high up the hill, you not only got stunning views of the valley and river they served the most insane cheese and charcuterie board and recommended wines to accompany it.  


Next door was 3 Cuts Gin Distillery, we popped out head in saw the gin stills and instantly knew we had to stop off for a $10 gin flight. As disgruntled designated driver I didn’t get to try much, so I consoled myself with a bottle of their original gin – Turner Stillhouse. 

We then headed further North to Beauty Point, which was nice, but in hindsight we should have probably started driving towards Cradle Mountain or back to Hobart once we’d seen the place. Instead we ate roadside fish and chips and pitched up in a carpark for the night. 

Day 4

Our intention was to head to Cradle Mountain (National Park), but we decided it may be too much driving/hiking for the rents so we made the decision to head back down south.

Huon Valley 

We stayed at Huon Valley Caravan Park – I absolutely adored this place. They feed Tasmanian devils at 4pm every day and there’s some cute cows and a sheep and we saw a duck billed platypus in the river, if you like that sort of wholesomeness.


Willie’s Apple Cider Shed

An absolute belter of a place. Wayne agreed to drive the 6km home so Mand and I got suitable smashed. We had a cider flight, cocktails and by golly it was fun. There was also loads of tatt to buy (my favourite thing) and the food looked banging. The perfect place for a leisurely afternoon. 


Day 5

Bruny Island

Well, well, well, certainly one of my Tasmanian highlights. I absolutely loved it – they have also have albino wallabies: We were told to drive down Lockley’s Lane (on the way back from Adventure Bay) – you will see a raspberry place and we stopped there for a bit and went wallaby watching (loads there) also there is apparently an albino gal that hangs around the green house in Adventure Bay opposite the Bruny Island Cruises Building.

Beer and Cheese Co

About 5-10 min drive from the ferry. Cute AF they bake bread and make cheese and there’s beer and all sorts of wonderfulness. Yes Mand did buy me a $16 slice of cheese.

The Neck

You must stop here and walk up the steps and then wander along the beach – we found some seriously pretty shells if that’s your vibe. Penguins live in the caves too.

The Neck, Bruny Island
The Neck, Bruny Island

Adventure Bay

We drove along the coast to adventure bay and kept stopping as there so many wonderful views. We ate lunch at Bruny island cruises, they do cheap and sexy seafood.

We had to sack off the lighthouse and the south of the island as the roads were so bad we thought we may die in  our motorhome, but if you’re in one of those small ones, I’m sure you’ll be grand…… although this statement can not be used against me in a court of law.

Day 6



You have to go, it is sick and weird and wonderful and just ace. It’s $30 entry and absolutely worth every penny. Try and get the ferry over, it is meant to be a great experience but we forgot to do it.

Street Eat Franks

Every friday night at Franklin Square they roll out the street food stalls. There is a stage and cute little beanbags for you to watch the entertainment on. We devoured curries, gozlemes and some delightful G&T’s.

Day 7


Salamanca Market

An absolute Tassie must. The market is on every Saturday until around 3pm. Hundreds of stalls, including food and general souvenir crap that everyone loves. Yes I did buy a wooden kangaroo magnet and I don’t care.

The Best Bits

The beaches are just insane, You could stop every 15 minutes or so just to see another amazing view point. 

Bruny Island, everyone must go, that is an absolute order.

Spending time with Mum and Dad in a motorhome, is something I never imagined doing and I will remember it forever. Especially them waking me up at 6am everyday and then taking 4 hours to get ready and actually leave the campsite. 


The Boring Bits

If you’re heading on the road straight away from Hobart, stop and get supplies in case you end up stuck somewhere with nothing bloody open at least you can make some beans on toast in the van.

In the Tamar Valley and Huon Valley many places were only open Thursday – Monday, so try and arrange stopping off at those destinations around those days. 

If you’ve been to Tassie, let me know in comments or on socials what you favourite parts were. If you haven’t been, what’s holding you back?


  1. Mandy
    April 18, 2020 / 6:31 pm

    What an amazing fun and laughter filled week we had together in our camper 🥰🥰 a beautiful island and such wonderful scenery xxx

    • Ashleigh
      April 19, 2020 / 12:40 am

      It sure was pretty special 💛

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