Snazzy Pink Trousers of my Dreams

Snazzy Pink Trousers of my Dreams

Hello sweet cherry pies, I’ve been shopping again, specifically pink shopping. I’ve had my beady little eye on these New Look delights forever, but due to aforementioned spending ban I’ve only eyed them from afar. However, sweet diggity, a few weeks ago they went into the sale (please note aforementioned spending ban excludes sale items) and I just had to have them, they went down to £9 from £27.99 for goodness sake.

They are the perfect fit to slip you from winter to spring as are sassy as fuck, but still provide a bit of warmth. I have to admit I was nervous about trying them on as thought they wouldn’t fit and would be unflattering, but hell no H20, I fell in love with them. Lets be honest, In an ideal world I would have a flat stomach and wear a crisp white shirt tucked in….. but I don’t and right now there’s many more important things going on in the world than that (but that’s a whole other blog post), so I wore said crisp white shirt untucked and I still felt rather saucy. 

I teamed this little combo with my suede tassel rucksack, obvs, as it’s life, my new sassy flatform gold sandals, gold hoops because I’m addicted ATM and my trusty Rayban’s and guess what…. I felt like a fuchsia princess, because I am, ok?!

I’ve had a little browse on New Look and they actual ones I bought have disappeared off the website (although you may be able to pick up in store) but I’ve found some just as good alternatives… YAY

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  1. Mandy
    May 23, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    Beautiful ?

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