SPARKLY Monday motivation 

SPARKLY Monday motivation 

Let’s set the scene, I’m basically a magpie….. I have a talent for spotting anything remotely sparkly, gold, sequinned or glitzy and in your face within a 72 metre radius and I’m straight at the checkout buying it all #noregrets #yolo

So, Naturally when looking in next for a rose gold pleated skirt that it’d been coveting after for at least 2 weeks this beauty practically shouted at me from across he shop “BUY ME BITCH” so I did, didn’t have much choice really.
It screams Christmas and I was desperately trying to wait until at least the last week of November to give it an outing, but I couldn’t wait and lasted a measely 12 days before I wore it *eye roll emoji*

I wore it with a grey crop top (obvs no skin showing) grey open toe boots, a grey biker jacket and my babing biba leopard print clutch, because I like to clash, ok?!

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